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YAY!! I’m so glad to share this idea and know that a prize is awaiting someone deserving at the end of the day!!! I was telling Mike recently, you know…I haven’t done a contest in a while. Not because I don’t like running them, but because I literally forgot about the idea of having one! When we moved here last year– I shot a triple wedding week, another wedding the following weekend and then we moved to the Outer Banks in the middle of busy summer. I mean– things were just all over the place! It was a hard transition year for me, having a second baby and a toddler, moving to another state–but it was a GREAT year! I just did not think of anything like this at the time but my reasoning in wanting to do this now is that as someone new to the area, I need to really get myself shooting here as often as possible! I was so fortunate to have shot here several times last summer but this year I’m hoping to double that amount — the banks is FULL of beauty and potential everywhere! It’s magical! Perfect couple’s getaway spot, too!

Before entering the giveaway, make SURE you are in agreement with the following conditions!!! This giveaway is a big value (almost $500!) and it’s a great deal but it also has to come with a few terms — pay attention closely! If any of the terms don’t fit or work for you, I’m unable to give the session to you and have to pass it to the next in line. A contract will be required to be signed for the winning person! After the rules– read the instructions to enter BELOW!!! 🙂

1. This is a couple’s session only! Dating, engaged, married– as long as you’re a couple you’re in! I exclusively shoot weddings and couples so couples with children unfortunately will not be able to bring their children for additional images.

2. Hair and makeup up will be provided!

3.  This next one is REALLY important! Due to weddings and scheduled family time, I am not able to shoot sessions on the weekends for ANY reason, no exceptions. I know this is an inconvenience for many because of the 9-5 workers, trust husband is one! As much as I would love to accommodate those schedules, I actually never shoot anything but weddings on the weekends. I would apologize but it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for my I have to keep that promise to them! Thanks for understanding!

4. Two dates are required for scheduling, one main date and then a date in case of rain on the original date! The time of day for shooting can only be starting around 2 hours before sunset, right before golden hour when the sun is at it’s most beautiful and most flattering! We will coordinate to find two dates between May and June. Obviously with hair and makeup you want to allow more time beforehand, in addition to travel time if you’re not a local!

5. The session must take place in the Outer Banks in either Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head.

6. If the winner reads over the contract terms and disagrees with anything, Amanda Hedgepeth Photography has the right to refuse the free session and give to the next in line in full agreement with all terms.


Remember, it’s an INSTAGRAM contest so only Instagram users may enter. Shares on Facebook will not count. You will be notified if you win via Instagram (being tagged in a post on my page that evening and additionally I will direct message you to let you know if you won!)
Contest entries allowed from 10am-4pm only and the winner will be announced in the evening hopefully before 10pm!! 🙂

All you have to do is:
1. Follow us on Instagram! Username: Cammyellieseastars
2. SHARE/repost the image I post in the morning at 10am and say you want to WIN!
3. Comment under MY image “SHARED!”
4. BONUS– if you tag three friends on my post after the word “SHARED”, I will enter your name TWICE in the drawing! 🙂

YAY!! Let’s do it!!!! 🙂 XOXOXOX


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  1. ashley link says:

    I can’t wait to enter this!!!! 🙂

  2. ashley link says:

    It’d be a great reason to get away to the OBX, see you and your cute family, and eat duck donuts! 😉

    1. ASHLEY!! YAY! I hope you do enter!!!! Any time you are here winter, spring, summer, fall– please let me know I wanna see ya!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I MISS YOU 🙁

  3. Sachel Samone says:

    Is it bad that I want to enter this just because I LOVE being in front of your lens?!?!? GAHHHH!! I love you!!

    1. ENTER!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! :):) YOU KNOW I LOVE YALL! I was just thinking about you this morning! Weirdo– I know! It’s a little intense, my love for you! 🙂

  4. This is so exciting!! I have been dreaming of having you take some shots of my husband and I down in OBX where we were engaged, now is my chance!!

  5. Entered 🙂 Love your style/work and who wouldn’t want to be photographed in paradise.

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