Now, I love my grandma..but she is gonna sass me for this one. Nannie– it turns out, it’s NOT awful living here in the Winter, haha! Just kidding..seriously, I love you. But really..let’s get to the point.

We did in all honestly have a lot of people tell us it was going to be “rough” here in the winter. No honey child! THIS PLACE has a rough winter- click on that link, lol!! Some of those people have lived here for a LONG time and attested to this! We think there’s one major reason we are not on the same page with them..okay maybe two reasons. First of all…………… guys realize we have a 1 and 3 year old right? So..when we were in Virginia Beach in the winter..we still couldn’t do anything. Like, we really do stay in most of the time and it’s not like I can say “hey let’s go skiing, little girls!” or make much of an event out of the cold weather or possible snow anyway! So..any place that’s NOT warm in the winter is going to be just what it is for us anyway! And secondly…you are kind of forgetting,ย we are obsessed. Like this is old news for some of you guys but we are just happy to be here! Ummmmm YES we whine on the daily that we miss summer! Of course! But this being a “hard place to live” during the winter? No!!

Awful Arthur’s..they closed and I have been dying for some of that crab and lobster bisque. Surfin Spoon was open last night for a few hours just for the Wedding Expo weekend and you best believe I sent my man to go get me the goods hahah! But it just makes us appreciate those things more when they’re open and not eat out and spend $$$ as much! It doesn’t make it HARD to live here then! A lot of places close but it’s okay. Being here to us is not just about the places we can go and spend money!!

IT IS STILL PERFECT. Every day. Even the rough weather ones when the wind whistles and howls so loudly that our upstairs windows rattle all night. When I awaken, I see the ocean from my bedroom window!! It’s still just as amazing in the Winter, that’s the truth! That NEVER changes!

Our tiny condo..some of you would just laugh. And laugh. It’s not cute. Our pictures and crafts by Cammy on the wall? THAT is rich. Valuable. We live in paradise and the cost of living here for us was to simplify. Our fave little hashtag, #kittyhawksimplelife …it was such a natural choice for us moving here. We sold so much and downsized our materialistic priorities to make this happen and I’ll be damned if you find me complaining about living here EVER.

You see……………we love this place like a person. We do. It’s weird– I know, but Mike and I for weeks have agreed that although that description sounds strange, it’s the only one that fits. We love it like a person. We are obsessed. It’s our home and we belong here. This is where we are growing as a family and flourishing and I want to make a beautiful purpose out of being here. I’m still figuring it out..but some things are coming to light slowly.

And you know what? It’s really nice on the warm days like Christmas Day to be able to walk out on the beach in short sleeves or bare feet and soak it all in ๐Ÿ™‚ We looooove those random warm days in the winter, such a gift!

The verdict? It’s still awesome. All year ’round ๐Ÿ™‚

From the Rodanthe Pier:

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  1. You are blessed. My sister has a home in waves that we use several times a year and we love it! Such a beautiful place. If you ever have time go and visit the very interesting and great place for shots.

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