Well there’s yet another new series on the blog but I think that’s a GREAT thing! It takes the other categories that I kind of throw everything into (hello, the Personal category has so much piled into it! very general!) and gives them a better defined home. I think that makes it a little easier to search and to decide how to navigate on the blog, too!

Saltwater and Grace … two beautiful and cleansing things. I love bringing elements of living on the coast and right by the sand and sea to tie into other life aspects and this was naturally the most fitting thing I could think of and I just love it!

And this series…I definitely wanted to have it’s own home. See…if I were an outsider reader to this blog post this time last year, I would have avoided this series. Wouldn’t have judged the person writing it one bit, but wouldn’t have felt any connection to it. I really felt a lot of spirituality in many ways, especially connected to being a mother but I wasn’t religious at all to say the least. I spent so much time fighting it. About three weeks ago– I blogged a BIG one about the return to Reuniting with God. It was big, brave, scary and victorious all in the same..but it was everything I needed to start the journey “home”.

Starting..starting. Oh starting the journey is super overwhelming but in this like really really good way! (In this post previously I mentioned a book really helping me that I LOVE reading, Start Here!) I spend my spare moments between emails, work, babies and husband to read a devotional or two. Reading interpretations and “studying” … and I just love journaling about this!! I started a journal last December and it helped me REALLY focus on what I want to feel because it takes time to write it out and that makes you evaluate how you want to distribute your energy..and I like doing the same with journaling about God and the Bible!

One devotional in particular I have really enjoyed and the timing is perfect considering I had a tidal wave of crappy things happen to me within the course of just weeks! It says : What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)  The interpretation says I am with you and for you, You face nothing alone! Oh do I neeeeed to know that right now! I need to know He is with me while I am going through losing my brother and so many other things. When people treat me terribly, I need to remember I am not alone in this. When to do lists pile and the babies are having clingy and off weeks, I need to remember this. In ALL aspects of life, I need to remember this! And I will! Thank you Katelyn James for my Jesus Calling book by Sarah Young, I love that it breaks down a little per day. VERY helpful for “beginners”!

We also have been to a church here in the Outer Banks twice and we LOVE it. We are so excited to keep going and joining officially soon! They have been beautifully welcoming!! 🙂

So– we’re starting small but our main focus is learning. Studying. Seeking answers and understanding. It’s a beautiful thing that it’s very much on your own terms and up to your own interpretation, but I think paying attention to it daily to some degree is key!


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Hey there! We're a husband and wife team who has the honor to document inspiring wedding days for the most cheerful couples around. We have three daughters lovingly referred to as the mermaid mafia and we love nothing more than salty beach days, laughing as much as possible and living the simple, good life.

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  1. I just love your openness and boldness. I can’t wait to see your journey unfold! The Bible says you can tell a persons heart by their fruits (what they produce in their life). You’re bold and you seek out truth whether it’s popular or not– that’s just incredible!

  2. Love it! That verse has come to be a favorite, and one that I am familiar with. It’s in a really great worship song (that I don’t know the name of) that we sing at a church that I’m a part of! Thanks for the reminder that starting small is OKAY. <3

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