Usually I use this series for talking about the absolute BEST and worthy shareable info for mamas, little tidbits, ways to help ease the stress of motherhood and all of that…but this time, I just want to recognize something and kind of “throw it out there” to you mamas. Although nailing that picture perfect expression is the goal sometimes, it’s OKAY when it doesn’t happen. It really is. Life is life..and I can’t tell you how stressed I was leaving shooting family sessions years ago listening to parents fuss and hurt their children’s feelings over their smiles being “too fake” or “too silly” etc…I mean, that’s just who they are. Just let it be! Sometimes, it was apparent their parents were stressing them out even worse. I wasn’t even a parent when I started shooting family sessions but it was very apparent that the parents level of stress was escalating the situation. You could see it in the kids eyes, the initial excitement started to fade away and they just looked at portraits as more of a task than and experience, and I am so fun and carefree I wanted it to be FUN! I always tell family photographers in mentoring to aim to shoot the posed stuff first and FAST, and then the rest should be playing, candid, chasing, tickling…REAL life fun! 🙂

This snow picture below, I knew it was risky! It’s pretty cold out there and we set up the shot BEFORE taking them out there, so 45 seconds tops was what we spent…but Ellie hates the cold the way I do! And Cammy is tiny so she tries not to hate the cold but it gets Cammy was REALLY happy about this but looks a little dazed, lol, my blonde…and Ellie was like “mama? mama!” the whole time, fussing at me…but I let it be! THIS is THEM! I didn’t say, okay..we’re doing this and redoing it over and over until you smile. No pressure…I just want them as themselves! Of COURSE I love those happy smiles but I have so many pictures like that, so these ‘odd man out’ ones that don’t seem picture perfect, I LOVE them! I can’t wait to show the girls this one day and say — YEP, that was you!!! Frumpy, over it and cold hahaha!

Let the kids be kids. The crazy laughs and smiles in pictures are the best, the weirdness is the best, too. Look below– one picture was taken on my phone about 10 minutes before the other was taken on my camera after we finally got her dressed. If you just let them, trust them, and lay the pressure off..your kids may give you the most amazing expressions you could ever hope for 🙂

Googly eyes from arts and crafts– looking gorge girlfriend!!


And then…NAILING IT.


We’re SNOW happy to have this memory! Corny, you bet! Annoyingly happy as usual? Double check! Happy Thursday everyone!!!!! 🙂


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