So I love Katie Durski. I JUST LOVE HER. I full intended to have a simple branding REFRESHER (which I still think is an awesome concept for those who just want to alter and tweak a little!) but things changed. Ummm…my branding, it basically was supposed to be going in for a routine check up and much to our surprise…it ended up having a LOT of underlying things we needed to work on! Hahah! And not because of previous branding experience, but because of ME and who I really am, what and WHO I’m branding for, staying true to elements that define me, my style and my business.

Here’s the vision. BRIGHT. I can’t run from it you guys, I’m a BRIGHT COLORED GIRL. I love it! It makes me happy. I want colors in my life that I look at and feel instant happy, and I want CLIENTS that are attracted to that or at least the sincerity of the fact that sister, I’m owning it! Who I am! I love happy colors and so I’m honoring that part of me with my new branding!

Another set of visual elements serving as inspiration– Outer Banks. Sea. White distressed wood like peeling paint from houses and decks.

We had to keep something in mind…bright can look…well, young. And immature. But we have to remember, the quality of my work and business is high end, the product is ultimately high end and we needed to incorporate that into the brightness and happy colors. By using an all uppercase and thin, clean font for my NAME, we kept that aspect. The font we used for the word photography is flowy and reminds me of ocean waves. The colors? Oh so bright. Just wait πŸ™‚

We are REVEALING SOON– but our goal of bringing together a high end quality photographer with bright happy colors WORKED!!!!!! It’s me! It’s who I am..and I am hoping so much you all will just love it! πŸ™‚

Here’s are a couple of elements/logos/aspects I will share for now…the rest will come in the next couple weeks (VERY SOON) with a big reveal and an Instagram giveaway of OUTER BANKS GIFTS!:) XOXOOX

AH_PinkAlt02 Wood_Planks

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<p>Hey there! We’re a husband and wife team who has the honor to document inspiring wedding days for the most cheerful couples around. We have three daughters lovingly referred to as the mermaid mafia and we love nothing more than salty beach days, laughing as much as possible and living the simple, good life.</p>

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