You have been stepping in taking care of my heart for YEARS. You have saved my life in more ways than one, you’ve been the reason I can live in the sunshine on the rainiest and darkest days. You are a hero, MORE than a perfect and loving father and I don’t know if I deserve you but I will darn sure be certain to let you know every single day for the rest of my life that you’re completely and utterly loved and appreciated by me. Sometimes, just saying I love you every day isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a big public blog post to announce it— I LOVE THIS MAN, I love how much he cares for everyone and what he gives our daughters and I…pure, selfless, unconditional love. Thank you Mike for being our hero. I LOVE YOU.

Here’s Mike being in my frame for test shots for my new headshots…but what he’s doing is the best part. Ellie is in the window inside the house, laughing hysterically because he’s keeping her entertained even on the other side of the glass. He cares for us so much, he is truly my HOME in our Outer Banks haven.

3M9B9509 3M9B9510

annnnnd of course the one who DOESN’T do this for a living comes up with these headshots?! you’re killing me Mike– one day when the kids are older we’ll be a husband and wife team ahahha! 🙂


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