So– three year olds are pretty much insane. Cammy is REALLY smart! Anyone who has met her and watched her with a task, drawing, etc– you can tell! But– she’s random and it’s just absolutely WEIRD and WE LOVE IT! The weirder she is, the more we fall in love. She’s so unique! You go girl ahahha!! Here are Cammy’s thoughts for the day as she sits in my lap in her princess nightgown she refused to change out of from last night…still. LOL!

Here’s her FIRST one she wrote hahah!!
And here’s this complete nonsense for round two:

1. Toys. About some pink clock that I want.
2. Books. Yeah I already have books.
3. Uhh…uhhh…Sea creatures Mommy.
4. X
5. This one is computer.
6. I love mommy because I want her. Now mommy the next one is PHONE.
7. Pink. Dark pink. Because I really want that color.
8. Arts and crafts are awesome!!!!
9. PAINT. Pictures. Now da next one is people.
10. Ugh because I love her. Ellie. Like her bones inside her elbow. When she bends you can feel bones inside and how dey feel!! It’s berry hard when you knock on dem.

BONUS! She’s upset I went to close the browser, so I need to add more.

11. Cuckoo clock. I just told you that. 1000 times.
12. Nightgown has a crown and a heart.

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