I talk a lot about being happy. And making it a choice, an avid decision you make when you wake up in the morning. To say — this day is good because I’m awake! And ALIVE! And because after everything I’ve been through..I’m making it through. Every day is a good day to be happy.

Recently I blogged about having people repelled by happiness being proudly expressed as a way of life. Seeing it as too much too often or fake. But really, I’m okay with the repelling! Why would a happy person want negative company around that they can’t positively influence and why would a stuck-in-their-ways negative person want beaming and vocal positivity around all the time?! I get it!

I love the quote, “you can be the juiciest peach in the entire world and you’re still gonna find someone who hates peaces” — it’s true. But peaches don’t stop being peaches just because someone doesn’t like them. And no matter what someone will do or say or what efforts they have to bring a peach down, I’m sorry — fryer grease…it doesn’t work. KEEP BEING A PEACH, HAPPY FRIENDS! If someone doesn’t like it, too bad! KEEP LIVING IN THE SALT AIR AND SUNSHINE!!! 🙂 HAPPY INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY PEACHES!!!! 🙂 


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<p>Hey there! We’re a husband and wife team who has the honor to document inspiring wedding days for the most cheerful couples around. We have three daughters lovingly referred to as the mermaid mafia and we love nothing more than salty beach days, laughing as much as possible and living the simple, good life.</p>

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  1. Did you know that Peaches is my nickname from childhood??! Did you write this for me?? I love you SO much!! 🙂

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