The Juiciest Peach | Salt & Sunshine Series

I talk a lot about being happy. And making it a choice, an avid decision you make when you wake up in the morning. To say — this day is good because I’m awake! And ALIVE! And because after everything I’ve been through..I’m making it through. Every day is a good day to be happy.

Recently I blogged about having people repelled by happiness being proudly expressed as a way of life. Seeing it as too much too often or fake. But really, I’m okay with the repelling! Why would a happy person want negative company around that they can’t positively influence and why would a stuck-in-their-ways negative person want beaming and vocal positivity around all the time?! I get it!

I love the quote, “you can be the juiciest peach in the entire world and you’re still gonna find someone who hates peaces” — it’s true. But peaches don’t stop being peaches just because someone doesn’t like them. And no matter what someone will do or say or what efforts they have to bring a peach down, I’m sorry — fryer grease…it doesn’t work. KEEP BEING A PEACH, HAPPY FRIENDS! If someone doesn’t like it, too bad! KEEP LIVING IN THE SALT AIR AND SUNSHINE!!! 🙂 HAPPY INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY PEACHES!!!! 🙂 


One thought on “The Juiciest Peach | Salt & Sunshine Series

  1. Did you know that Peaches is my nickname from childhood??! Did you write this for me?? I love you SO much!! 🙂

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