Hey there from the beautiful, WARM, happy and sunny Outer Banks of North Carolina! Today is an AMAZING day here! The birds are singing, they’re so happy, I think they’re celebrating that it’s not 40 degrees out finally!

And guess what? You can hear me ranting about that on Periscope this morning, hahah! I am about to head to the beach to hopefully do a little more broadcasting to show you how gorgeous this day is..but let’s talk about this app for a second!

Generally, I like this app. I think it’s SO cool when I’m sitting in the office, or stagnant just waiting to figure out okay what’s next, laundry or dishes..that I can see Mary Marantz start talking about her Walk Through A Wedding and it’s LIVE! That’s so cool to me! Or Hope Taylor and her little duckies walking around in her house, hahah! It’s just a fun way to connect and even though a lot of social media is “IN THE MOMENT” and a great way to stay connected, this feels even more like you’re with them because it’s broadcasted live! And for my friends that I miss, I love that!

The only two things I am wishing right now are this: SPAMMERS, you’re killing me. They’re so weird and inappropriate! And also..I wish that there was a way for me to select ALL of my followers when I want to broadcast privately instead of clicking 80+ people’s names! Frustrating!

Work out these bugs, Periscope because besides that, I love you!

I signed up through my Twitter account, if you have one you can, too! Find me on there today and watch me NOT be able to edit the crazy moments of my daughters running my life, this thing keeps it real and I LOVE that hahahah!!!! πŸ™‚




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