The last one of THESE I wrote and featured was last August! Let’s just say..the Hedgepeth family has branched out and experienced a lot more since and we are so excited to share some MORE things we love in the Outer Banks!

If you get this blog post in response to an email or message asking me about some advice of what to do and what to visit down here– I hope it helps! This is the BEST way for me to serve those questions without taking time to rewrite over and over all of the individual emails we get!! ENJOY YOUR TIME HERE!:)


THE FIRST POST: Here’s PART ONE of What We Love In The Banks if you missed it! Packed with info!

When friends come to visit: One other point we wanted to gently and kindly bring up is that we LOVE so much when our friends visit, and we hope that they have an amazing vacation while here! We do!!! We know it’s full of fresh salt air, a free feeling and carefree good times! The one thing that became a little difficult for us last year was having people come to town last minute and request to hang out, just because we are SUPER plan-ahead-of-time people because of the wedding season being wild from May-October! It’s so helpful for us to know ahead of time if someone will be in town, especially close friends!

Additionally, living in a vacation town..we have to remind others that this is our regular life time. We’re not here with a whole week’s our work week! We’ve experienced some discouragement in the past from people thinking we have to stop and budget non-existent time when Mike has a 12 hour day, I have the girls all day and I’m editing, emailing and shooting sessions…so thank you SO much for being so kind and remembering, we’re not on vacation, even though it feels like it some days! 🙂 Just let us know ahead of time! The off season is DEFINITELY a better time for us to hang out!! 🙂

So with that said, let’s share MORE of what the Hedgepeths LOVE in the Banks!

* This has not changed much since the last blog post! Really, we love sitting on the beach as much as possible, still! One of our newer hobbies since the last post is sitting in a bed of shells and rocks and looking for sea glass! It’s so hard for me, I know others can rock it out but it’s never more than a few pieces at a time!

* The biggest thing that has changed since last time is the fact that we have an incredible and wonderful church in our life now. St. Andrew’s By The Sea has been an amazing, moving and life changing experience. We LOVE Father Phil, his wife Barbara, we love the whole church! That was a big piece missing of my life’s puzzle. There was a new series born on the blog highlighting my journey after the Reuniting with God post called Saltwater and Grace..hopefully I’ll be able to do a big piece on our wonderful church this year! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to walk out of church and HEAR the roar of the ocean and felt the salt on your skin. Best kind of experience full circle we could hope for!

* We just love to EXPLORE. We love to get lost in neighborhoods, look at the sound at sunset and head to Hatteras and Manteo to discover new things and places!


Carolina Keiki- Oh this girl is the SWEETEST and the clothes are undeniably amazing for little ones!!! Breastfeeding, postpartum, chew beads, bandana bibs, bows, such a great shop located on the water in Duck! Find them on Instagram too! Adorable Whitney Norko mocc’s too!! 🙂
All Washed Up Jewelry- These girls, first of all…I can not say ENOUGH about them! They’re sisters, they work hard, they are always busy with orders and they STILL find time to rock out even more! They’re on Etsy but also found in various shops on the Banks! WRV, Foxy Flamingo, Amity, Sisters of Manteo and more!
Foxy Flamingo Boutique- SO CUTE! Girls, this place is adorable, located in Nags Head!
Island Bookstore- we love this little store! There’s more than one, but we go to the one in Kitty Hawk. The staff (MOST of them) have been really nice and helpful! Great classic Outer Banks history books there!



The list from last time was pretty extensive– but we’ve added on as we discovered some new things and revisited old!

Black Pelican- Great gourmet pizzas and I love the fried catch appetizer!
Surfin Spoon- OH MY GOSH!!!! This is my FAVORITE ice cream place! Once we discovered it, it became an addiction! This is definitely the most adorable and brilliant branding I’ve seen on the beach, so fitting, SUCH a cozy and laid back environment and the owners are incredible people! You will LOVE it here!
Trio- This is definitely the “coolest” place I’ve been (I’m a nerd, is cool even cool to say now? LOL?!) — but it’s a wine, beer and cheese cafe with live music, an upstairs lounge with couches, a pool table and a GREAT environment for locals and laid back tourists alike! It’s very beautiful inside! And, they have a “credit card” you can take and swipe to go downstairs and get your OWN wine via these neat machines downstairs! You can buy just a sip to decide you like it before you buy a whole glass! So awesome! Great place to meet people!
Slice Pizza- Okay we like our other places but THIS pizza is THE best, to me! I love it here! Great staff and cute little environment, too! Right next to a Duck Donuts, Try My Nuts and the Outer Banks Brewing Station!
Bonnie’s Bagels- I can seriously eat a whole wheat everything bagel toasted with cream cheese EVERY day…I don’t, but I want to! LOVE this place! Little gifts available for purchase and plenty of seating! LOVE that! 🙂 In the shopping center right when you get on the island!
John’s- okay you little GEM!! Sitting on the side of the road, a little pull in and order at the window shack with such GOOD bad food, cheese fries, fried Mahi, and I STILL need to try the milkshake!
Outer Bean- we love the pink smoothie! We love the owner, too! She’s so patient with Cammy!
Plaza Azteca- I said I wouldn’t put this on here! It’s a chain that’s also in Richmond and Hampton Roads, and other places, and I wanted to stick with strictly local but this guac…this fresh table side guac, I can NOT get enough!! Freshly made right there for you!! 🙂


This place is MAGICAL. There is an undeniable perfection in the air. The feeling I get pulling off of my road and heading down the bypass or beach road, and realizing we live’s something I will NEVER take for granted. We are meeting the most amazing people down here and experiencing a lot of big, big life changes and loving every second of it! Remember to appreciate the simple things about this place. Watch for sandspurs, don’t drive like a butthead on the bypass, and remember when you go out to eat to calm down, be on vacation, treat your servers great and treat others well. The Outer Banks is where you can leave your worries behind, and I highly encourage it! And last but not least– roll those windows down when you get to the Wright Memorial Bridge. You won’t regret it 🙂


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