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A couple of weeks ago … I got a call from my dear friend Natalie. She and Krista had been up to something, doing a little brainstorming and a WAVE of inspiration had hit them. How can we bring the feeling of community over competition closer to home? To an even BIGGER level?!

I love these girls hearts. Of all of the things they could be doing, they’re sitting around and asking how they can change lives. How can they bring in the creatives who have felt alone, or let down, or excluded back in from the cold? By planting SEEDS all of the country! Their grand idea is now extending all over the place and today I am SO happy to announce the Rising Tide Society! 

This is a place to celebrate community over competition! A time to get together, face to face with other creatives and just TALK. Just be in each other’s company! On the first Tuesday of every month, we’ll be getting together in several different cities celebrating this! It’s free, it’s laid back, and when I heard it was one day a month in person, I knew it was something that would be VERY reasonable for so many of us constantly busy creatives!

The first “Tuesday Together” will be Tuesday May 5 at for us in the Outer Banks (feel free surround cities to come, too!! you know you want some of this salt air!:)) –  it’ll take place at Trio in Kitty Hawk, NC from 7:15-9:15! I would LOVE to see you there! Please feel FREE to email me with any questions you have!!! 🙂

My vision for summer Tuesdays together (weather pending) would be to just meet on the beach before sunset and bring kids, and just enjoy the weather together! Feel free to chime in and throw me suggestions! 🙂

EMAIL: amandahilbornhedgepeth@hotmail.com

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15 thoughts on “Rising Tide Society + Tuesdays Together! | Community

  1. You are amazing and I’m so honored + excited to have you leading this movement! Thank you for everything! I can’t wait to see this group thrive!

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