I pulled up beside their car and jumped out right away to hug Diane. She had assisted me a few times and was part of some of the best shoot and wedding memories I’ve had in the past couple of years and a lot of that had to do with the fact that SHE is the best company I could ask for! Diane is kind, she’s SMART, she’s fun and seeing her with Andy during this lovey dovey engagement shoot made me feel just even more honored to know her and to have been connected with her.

I knew that I would like Andy, but I didn’t know I would absolutely positively adore him and the incredibly sweet and funny man he is, especially while in flirt-mode with his woman! OH my gosh you guys I feel like I laughed so much during this session I didn’t want to let you drive away! We shot WELL into the dark and then I wanted to keep talking. Zoey is going to steal your heart, too– she was PERFECT the whole time! I kept saying, is she really like this? Always this good!?!? It was such an honor to be there for them on this day and I can’t WAIT until their wedding!!! :):) LOVE YOU THREE! 🙂


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