When a couple flirts, I am happy..and when they genuinely laugh together, I am even happier…but when they have THIS look?! The one of complete joy and contentment that you know only comes from finding your soul mate and best friend..that is the look I long for in a couple, and Hannah and Sebastian have it. Everyone KNOWS I love a good laugh and cheerful picture, but when I see deep breaths and sighs and falling perfectly into one another too..I am so thankful for the gift of working with a genuinely in love couple.

My brave friends came to shoot with me on a HOT muggy humid August day and they didn’t complain a bit, I however was sweatily waddling through the session (I think I waddle MORE when it’s hot, pregnancy is sooo weird haha) — but gosh I enjoyed every moment with them! This session is particularly sentimental because THIS is THE location where he proposed to her not too long ago! A guitar was involved (yep, he’s the man!) and we made sure to incorporate that into their session πŸ™‚

You two, I am SO honored to be a part of your October wedding, I can’t even contain my joy for you!!!!! LOVE YA!! πŸ™‚ XOXOXOX


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