Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6:50..of course, since the alarm was set for 7 and apparently this loves to happen to me. I totally needed those extra 10..but I got up anyway and headed to the girl’s room, got up Cammy for preschool and we started our day.

She told me her stomach hurt, and I thought to myself wellllll yeah we ate dinner REALLY early last night so you’re probably starving! 20 minutes later, I’m holding her hair back and here’s how the day decided to three year old who was dressed and ready for school was now experiencing a wicked virus that caused her to get sick seven additional times that day. If viruses had faces I would punch the crap out of them for making my sweet girl feel so pathetic and sad, it’s painful to watch your little ones feeling awful and you CAN’T fix it! 🙁

My day’s plan was simply this:
Pre-K 9-12
Ballet 1:30-2:15
My friend Katie comes to babysit around 5pm
Shoot session from 5:30-7

I just wanted those things to be done and achieved. Throw in a couple of “make lunch, make snack, etc” but nothing like getting laundry or dishes done, etc. Just trying to survive a busy day between Cammy’s obligations and my own.

When Cammy started getting sick, it became survival mode..and to be honest, I foresaw a day where we literally just held on by a thread, stayed on the couch and Netflix binged. I actually have had plenty of days like that this year because just BEING pregnant is hard work! But instead..I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to achieve THIS all day:

washed three loads of clothes
folded three baskets of clothes
loaded the dishwasher
washed dishes
unloaded those
reloaded more
helped a little girl throw up 8 times
changed diapers and served princess ellie
cleaned up where Ellie pooped on the floor after slipping her diaper off and running away laughing, her new thing (minus the poo, that’s not really her new thing and I’m not too happy about that)
Lysoled both bathrooms/cleaned both toilets
sanitized most of the downstairs
called the preschool
emailed the dance studio
rescheduled engagements with a client from yesterday
rescheduled our family session because of this week’s weather
emailed a workshop sponsor
had time to just make myself soup/mini bagels
took cammy to the doctor
got ice at the drive thru at Sonic for her
iced a damn cake
shot a session in INSANE rain
posted sneak peeks
made cammy her first food of the day to hold down
wrote this blog

I’m not trying to write all this to brag…….I am ASTOUNDED that I was able to get this done with a super sick child in the house. And the reason I need to write it to share is because you guys there are days where NO ONE is sick and nothing is going on and I can’t seem to get my butt up and moving, or, there are these wild children just being children demanding and needing things left and right and I can NOT do but 2 things on this list!!!!

There is an ebb and flow for motherhood, especially of super young babies..sometimes it’s crazy and sometimes it’s peaceful. It’s up and down and it’s never going to be able to be called the day before because things are completely unpredictable. How in the world, with a day like today and a VERY sick little girl did I get all that done? Why on a day with nothing scheduled at all will I get maybe one dish in the dishwasher?

All you can do is, little mamas..

– Take things one day at a time and never assume
– Write to do lists but don’t date them, general to do lists are SO great for us
– Mike and I have started lists of things he specifically can take on when he gets home from work, it helps us divide the work and also keeps us on track
– Try to stay on top of typical household things as much as possible like laundry and dishes so that when things DO go crazy, you feel less out of control knowing that annoying stuff also needs to get done and you have no clean spoons and other random frustrations
– We keep every single little thing we need in case of emergency in the diaper bag just in case we need to grab and go (without overloading it, I should blog about the contents soon!) and it was perfect today to have spare “baggies” in there for when Cammy was getting sick in the car on the way to the doctor…the point is, preparedness is a lifesaver every time and it’s worth taking the time and thought to put into things that will completely save you later when you NEED it
-and I preach it all the time, but less stuff…simpler living (except probably the amount of clothes I have still:)) means LESS to do, keep up with, manage and clean…do you need 30 glasses in your kitchen, or would 20 do? tupperware, plates, linens, cleaning can you condense these things? sure makes days like today easier to OWN less!!!

You’re gonna win some days. You’ll lose some, too. I am such a believer in simplifying things and preparing ahead of time as much as possible, but we can’t always know how the day is going to go! With two little girls under 4 and another on the way, I take things a day at a time. Finding time to edit full wedding galleries is my biggest challenge right now but we’re catching up so much lately, turning them around and SO excited to be outsourcing those next year, finally! Don’t be too hard on yourself…you’re doing the best you can! 🙂

Everyone feeling fine just the day before …SB9A0347

Anddddd the next day:Hahaha Ellie…
  Literally it’s unbelievable how much they care for each other, this melted my heart!   Ellie being a diaper less jerk before the accident ensued
Poor Cam 🙁  you can have some cake tomorrow – oh there’s a smile 🙂
  Can not keep these two apart    Session time in CRAZY rain!!!:)     And of course we have her in our room last night starting in an awesome little bedside sea of blankets but ending up with us in bed – she’s better today! Praise the Lord!!!

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  1. Mama… you are AWESOME! No matter what happens, no matter what the season, no matter if all we do in the mornings are wake up and feed our littles and sit on the floor with them all day long! As long as we show up… are actively present for them.. we are pretty DAMN awesome (and that damn needs to be in there!)

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