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Video blogs always are hilarious to me…do I really have this much of a Southern accent? And I get SO into it, too…haha! Let’s also talk about the napping children RIGHT behind me! I rocked this one during the girls nap and I am really happy to share all about LIFE FLOW lists today! To do lists sometimes need a step up! The more your family grows, the more your business grows, the more your organization should to keep your sanity, too! ENJOY! 🙂



NOTHING fancy here people! A clip board that I can hang on the wall and access easily, a cheap three ring binder labeled for our family, and some of those things on the list may seem SUPER obvious (some of those chores, you wouldn’t think we would need reminders for, right?!) — but the thing is, we have a super hectic life and the more we devote to preparing and executing these lists for a smoother life, the more QUALITY family time we get together! It’s changed our lives!


life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-1 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-2 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-3 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-4 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-5 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-6 life-flow-list-amanda-hedgepeth-7


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  1. I love this! I’m a huge list person but I’ve never thought of assembling things in the this way. It seems like it’s taking the stress of remembering what always needs to be done out of your brain. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katelyn says:

    Love, love, love this!! Such a good feeling crossing things off your list 🙂

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