Where do I start with this popcorn lovin’, bubbly, charming and free spirited blonde girl of mine?! Hope Taylor is a driven, inspiring and hard working young lady who has taken an industry by storm…but really more by being a bright and bold ray of sunshine that we are all lucky to know. I can always count on Hope for the best hugs, the best get-me-up-to-speed on what’s going on and and she will talk as fast as me and gosh do I love that!! Haha! I was SO beyond honored to drive back from a wedding on Saturday night and shoot a sunrise session for her and Drew the following morning right near where we live before moving to our new house that day because just wait until you see the magic and happy light we were so thankfully given! 🙂

Drew, you KNOW I adore you and I am so grateful to have worked with you this summer (sweating our butts off) at Molly and Brendan’s classic wedding at the Inn at Warner Hall when you and Joshua Bryan Cinema were filming an incredible video for them! You treat Hope like she deserves and you two cuties make shooting so, so, soooo easy 🙂 Thank you for loving her the way she should be loved…and for getting up REALLY early for me! 🙂


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