When someone is driving from out of town and not already on vacation for a full week, I am praying over and over the weather works out. Instead, I’m looking at this devastating forecast for a 2018 bride and groom and I can NOT even accept that it’s real until my husband Mike says, “no really, the weather is not looking good honey” and I have to start getting really strategic! I’m talking looking at that hourly and finding a break in the rain – working around how this will be made possible and not giving up…and the result?

A bright, BEAUTIFUL session on a day that promised us a bunch of storm nonsense but a miraculous moment of the perfect hour window to hang out and make this happen. I do NOT take this for granted! I am SO thankful when this works out because I could not wait to meet these two in person! Kirsten’s emails from the get go were so infectious with joy that I was over-the-moon thankful when they booked. I wanted her to be a bride of mine from the start and these two are so smitten through a deep level of friendship and love… I know they are the kind of cheerful couple we pray for and will get teary eyed with on their wedding day. I just really, really adore you and I am so grateful that we connected because you my friends, you’re my kind of people and I know that’s a gift we are so blessed to have!

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