I don’t share about editing too often…not because I’m hiding some big incredible secret but because it’s usually something I save for my workshop and mentoring girls! Today I’m sharing a quick and easy Lightroom edit to give your reception images a good, natural but effective POP!

For receptions, I use 600’s (everything I own is Canon) and LOVE THEM. Love the built in transmitters. LOVE. If the ceiling is white, I will bounce my on-camera 600 diagonally off of it but if it’s NOT a white ceiling, I’ll keep it on my camera just as a radio to tell the other flashes what to do. I always use 3-4 600’s at every wedding!

Here’s a great example of a before and after and the EXACT changes I made in Lightroom to get to this end result! Still looking natural like I like, but BETTER with more of a pop! 🙂






Pulled tint up +1 (from +16 to +17)
Exposure +.80
Highlights -35
Shadows +50
Blacks -26

Tone Curve:
Lights +31
Shadows -24

Split Toning:
Highlights: HUE 11 Saturation 4
Shadows: HUE 9 Saturation 6

Lens Corrections:
Basic – Click “Enable Profile Corrections” (takes away that natural vignetting)

Camera Calibraton:
Green Primary – Hue +20

That’s all she wrote! Written out, it seems like a lot…but truly it’s a pretty natural edit. I hope this helps you add a little pop to reception images! 🙂


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