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You’ve heard me talk about them a time or two….right? 🙂 This year I had the HUGE honor of being one of the Powersheets girls for their 2018 photo shoot and it was absolutely so much fun and if you know me, you know I’m a cheerful colorful loving girl so it was a dream. Meeting Lara and her sweet, genuine team…being a part of something I believe so deeply in that’s changed my life in so many ways, it was something I will never, EVER forget!

^ Girl moms, this is Shunta Grant who owns Because of Zoe, cute & well made bows with different styles and incredible fabrics to choose from! Business owners, she’s also the genius behind the extremely uplifting and helpful Business Life & Joy podcast!

One seemingly tiny tool of the Powersheets is the selection and purpose behind your “word of the year”. At first I thought aww, okay! Sounds great! And then my Type A self upon further thought made me realize that this word….it better be good! REAL good! Because for 365 days, so much of my heart and mind will be focusing on that word to keep me centered on what matters most to me and what I need to work on the most. Last year, I chose present, and it worked. My goals were all so different but one thing they had in common was that in some way or another, they required me to REALLY be present in order to achieve them. I loved it and this year…coming up with a word was a lot harder, but with some careful thought and consideration for what I needed to focus on most…I came up with…

SOUL. Here are the reasons I chose this word:

Me: My soul had been so hurt this year. Post accident, something as simple as driving a car turned into life-or-death fight-or-flight fear with each person who looked like they weren’t going to stop at a stop sign or hit us in some way. My soul needed repairing because it stayed in survival mode after the accident. Survival mode means constant adrenaline. Constant adrenaline means very, very tired. A weary soul at times when brought back to that crash.

Mike: Because his soul is amazing and deserves to be treated as so. If you saw our LIVE on Instagram the other night, you know HE is at the top of my goals list as far as committing to date nights, our twice a week tv/movie in-home dates and the hilarious 10-10-10 rule we came up with! Stay tuned to see how that works out hahaha!

My daughters: Because their souls are so pure and incredible and deserve to be nurtured SO well. I was so good about becoming more present this year but their souls…I know I can work some magic with and remind them how perfect they are daily.

Clients, friends, colleagues, community and even strangers: We’ve always served from the heart…but we want to serve from the soul now, too. From shooting weddings to sessions to attending church to listening to a troubled friend to being patient with strangers and their weird questions (yes…they are all my daughters, which is why they all are calling me mommy, lol!) – I am going to ask myself the following questions and THIS is how I will use the word soul as a guideline and inspiration for good goals next year:

1. Is this good for my soul?
2. Will this content I share via the blog or social media be good for someone else’s soul? Does it come from my soul?
3. If I hurt one of my girls with a short temper or impatience, how can I strengthen and reassure her soul afterward?
4. Is Mike’s soul feeling secure and loved even after those long and hard days and tough life moments?
5. Will this hurt my soul or am I able to take on this additional task/work item?

When coming up with your word…make sure it’s something you can USE as a guideline like I did above with questions! This is what I did with present and it worked beautifully. Cheering you on and wishing you the BEST of luck tackling those 2018 grace-filled goals!



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