One of our most asked questions via Instagram is “where are your glasses from?” followed by “and what style are they?” So here’s a quick reference blog post to help out including the actual model number right from the website!


Note: I have a few different pairs because some are for the computer (which have the blue light blockers, EXCEPT…DO NOT USE THOSE WHEN EDITING, photographers! The blue light blockers change the color warmth – they are just for blogging and emails for me) and then my other two styles are just for whenever so I can have more than one “look”.

I *do* need glasses and still haven’t gotten contacts. That’s up next!

With the price of Zenni and how incredibly affordable it is, I was able to get several pair for the price of what it would have cost me to get ONE through the eye doctor. Incredible. And I love them! And if I mess a pair up it’s not a huge cost to replace, and for something like glasses that I can easily mess up, that’s important to me!

On another note – I’ve had to update this blog post several times because I notoriously break glasses and have had to order lots of extras over the past year, lol! So as simple life as I am and don’t want to own too much “stuff”, I have a decent collection of eyeglasses at this point – LOL!

Keep scrolling past this first image of four glasses, there is MORE below!

In the image directly below, from left to right:

1. Smaller browline glasses

2. Rectangle glasses

3. Clear pink glasses 

4. Regular browline glasses

Here are the others ones everyone loved but I scratched – maybe I’ll eventually get another pair? They are some of the most popular ones they sell: Square tortoiseshell glasses 



Like my nerdy clear ones posted on Instagram? HERE is the link to that style! 

Pictured below – HUGE game changer for someone who can’t do bright sun well: Square Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell



I recently ordered a different pair of square ones because of the damage I did to my others, here’s the image and link for those!: Classic Square Brown

My NEW FAVORITE – these yellow sunglasses! I got the tint & mirror they suggest online in the example: Premium Yellow Sunglasses


My two newest pairs are below, I don’t have pictures in them yet but the pink ones I already had owned and lost in the ocean during a crazy rainy family session – and I LOVED them! I really tend to love lighter frame colors as a personal preference!

Pink Full-Rim Frame 

Light Blue Square Glasses (they’re kids size, haha!) 





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