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If you haven’t yet been connected to the gem that is Lara Casey… I’m encouraging you to now. This woman has changed my life… from her books to her posts to her heart and her message. She is the creator of the Powersheets Goal Planner as well and I could say so much more but she shows who she is best in her Facebook lives for Cultivate What Matters, go check her out and get totally inspired!

One of the biggest game changers for me last year was when I began using the 2018 Powersheets to work through my goals. Goals I KNEW I had, and then uncovering goals I had no idea I had!

Previous post about the Powersheets from me: 


I ended up successfully growing a small garden, started Dave Ramsey and SO MUCH MORE. I didn’t expect for things to unfold the way they did simply because of this nifty little notebook (maybe not little, it’s pretty thick) but incredible things happened. I am also someone who KNOWS that if you want something to change, work is required and you don’t buy a tool just to not use it. This goal planner can do amazing things for your life if you’re willing to sit down with it, answer some hard questions and then get to the GOOD STUFF.

Which cover are you choosing today?!!!! We went with the PINK after drawing out of a hat because we couldn’t decide – we as in me and my six year old Camryn because she is intensely in love with all things Cultivate What Matters and Simplified like me and it’s adorable and hilarious. She got a teal pouch and sticker book and I got a sticker book and yellow pouch! These bright colors and intentional tools bring me so much joy, hope and motivation. I hope you can pick up some of these goodies today! The bundle is SUCH a good value and I highly recommend it!!!!

View and/or download the entire beautiful product guide HERE to see what they’ll have available for you today!

SHOP HERE starting at *10am*!! The link won’t work before then because the shop is password protected until the official launch time!

Here’s the bundle combination for this year!:

And these pouches…stop. Just stop. They are glorious..with a sewn on elastic band that can go around your Powersheets or even your personal planner, too. I got the YELLOW!




And now the GLORIOUS one year covers! There is also a gold and white 6-month Powersheets option available but I highly recommend the yearly! I got the PINK!!!!



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