2019 Word of the Year | Cultivate What Matters

Hi my fellow Powersheets loving friends 🙂 This year..wow. What a special time. If I was a cynic I would say it started with a cyberstalker and ended with a miserable surgery, LOL – but I would rather say it started with self-growth, bravery and forgiveness and ended in a solution to a health problem that will eventually bring me SO much relief! 

You may have heard me mention this on social media but next year I am taking FOUR MONTHS off of Instagram (not our non-profit, just my main one)/personal Facebook page. WOW! As a business owner, that’s a lot. It is. That takes out 120 days of potential marketing via social media for my business. That is SCARY to some…but to me, it sounds like a dream. This year (2018) my word was SOUL and boy did I do some soul work. Starting the year working with the police to investigate and catch the girl who disguised herself as kind in personal emails to me but cruel behind a fake screen name… soul work was more than necessary. Finding out I needed to have a hysterectomy done at the end of 2018, lots of soul searching there as it is a huge decision that no longer would allow us to grow our family. Soul was a good word for 2018. And at the end of everything… I kept thinking about how much I needed a replenishment of sorts…I needed to refill some of my life buckets back up with joy and hope and the good stuff. With a slower life. With more books. With even less phone & social media (I did 6-7 weeks off this year and it was amazing!). I was watching that sweet woman that inspires me SO much, Lara Casey, talk on her Instagram stories the other night and she said a word that just completely jumped out at me. RESTORE. The second I heard the word, I scooped it up and made it my 2019 word because it felt right. This is usually how I get inspired…when I’m not looking for it. I want to…

Restore my old soul and get back to a little more of simple life, including less phone. Enter one month off of social media per quarter, yay! 

Restore my ability to slow down and look up at the world around me. I am such a perfectionist that it’s hard to stop and slowly admire even the most obvious things like nature or how my daughters features are changing. I want to look longer at things and take them in a little more deeply. 

Restore my ability to be an incredibly talented flirt because I think Mike would enjoy that, LOL! We still flirt but I need to up my game. Because it’s fun, HA! 🙂 

Restore my schedule with more white space… make sure to limit bookings for the rest of the year because we are filling up far more quickly than we could have ever imagined! 

Restore my connection with the Lord. I am NOT journaling as often or reading the Word like I was in the beginning half of the year. 

Restore. What a life-giving word. It doesn’t mean something is empty or broken, it means it could use a little coat of paint or freshening up 🙂 I am excited to take the life I already love and make it even more beautiful by paying attention to what matters most. 



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