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Okay, so I’m really posting this finally…I KNOW, I just literally couldn’t bring myself to do it for weeks! Can I have the excuse of the three kids and running the nonprofit and the oil business and this photography business, too? No, I can’t – because I just kept putting this one off on purpose, LOL! Things are changing for us you guys. They are really changing. When our girls were very little, they couldn’t really express how they were feeling about us leaving on the weekends for weddings because they were just too little articulate all of that, and we know they missed us, but our season of life is really shifting here now. Now they DO tell us how much they miss us when we travel and make it very clear that they don’t want it to happen, LOL! Come August, we will have TWO GIRLS in Elementary school (YES, you read that right – y’alls spirit animal Ellie will be in KINDERGARTEN! Meet me in the corner to cry with me on that day, k thanks!) – and Autumn will be in preschool. I am starting tear up writing this. Our girls are getting so big, and one thing we have to do to accommodate them is change how we are booking weddings.

Last year, we had to pull Cammy from school a few times to travel. She literally missed school so we could travel for weddings, and although that’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things – we didn’t want to continue this on for years with all of the girls the deeper we got into the school years and the more they start to join different activities and such. We also had to turn down a lot of other things that the girls TRULY would have enjoyed because of this traveling and it’s NOT the wedding client’s fault, it’s no one’s “fault” and I want to be so clear that we are obsessed, like really obsessed with our clients and they will confirm that with you 🙂 They become family, they are important to us!

We have been slowly taking less and less on every single year because it’s so hard to say no to these couples who align with our hearts and brand so much and who we LOVE to show up for and serve on one of the biggest days of their lives. We normally take about up to 12 weddings a year, and we travel for about 50-75% of them. That’s a LOT of traveling for us! Honestly, we love it. Mike and I have some of the sweetest and warmest memories from shooting these weddings together… from traveling and blasting Jimmy Eat World on the road, from listening to me rap Lil Wayne and getting through the long drives together. Plane rides, passports, boat rides, driving in crazy rain, the freezing cold, burning summer days, Panera dates, Starbucks breakfast, hotel breakfast, Taco Bell FOURTH MEAL YESSSS, oh gosh you guys, so many memories. SO MANY. I want to cry again writing it because it’s been an incredible season of our life and marriage to shoot this much together and travel and do weddings together like this.

But we have to change this for our girls.
We have to change this for our nonprofit to do more mission work on the streets.
We have to change this for our family to be together more while our girls are this little.

In 2020, we will be taking FIVE weddings total. We will only be accepting TWO travel weddings of the FIVE.

This is a HUGE change for us, as we have always shot over 10 every single year and most years, a lot more than that. Smaller, intimate 2 hour weddings we will still be able to take as many as we want of, but the full 6-10 hour day weddings we will only be able to take five of because we have to make these changes for our family and nonprofit! We KNOW we will be able to serve the most amazing couples but we can not believe we are limiting it this much for the first time EVER.


I started shooting weddings in 2011, shooting 20+ a year, and then kept close to that number for years after…but now 5?! I didn’t think we would be in this season so soon – but I will say, one of the reasons we are able to do is our essential oils business with Young Living. It has been nothing short of a blessing to work with that company getting wonderful and safe products to peoples homes for immunity support, emotional support, digestive support and SO MUCH MORE! We are all about that wellness life now and it’s supporting US financially in a way we never expected, and we are SO grateful! We are always an email or DM away if you are interested and we always PayPal back $25 to anyone who signs up and gets their first starter kit with us.

So we’re going from weddings being a big financial supporter of our family and business to it being SO much less but we couldn’t do that without Young Living, without our family sessions for our sweet Outer Banks vacationing families, without our Outer Banks small business clients.

We are STILL available for weddings, we just want to hear from you ASAP if you would like to work with a weird but sweet husband and wife team who loves life and each other 🙂

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! We know this will be well received as our community has completely grown with our family for the last EIGHT YEARS!


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