We totally skipped blogging the 3 1/2 year old images but I GOT THEM DONE! 🙂 It was in the middle of our whirlwind summer of disconnecting more from the digital world and shooting a ton of family sessions, and enjoying ALL the beach days possible.

THIS LITTLE FIRECRACKER – WOW – has she totally bursted out of her shell more than we ever imagined! Autumn is a nut, a total nut. HILARIOUS. Weird, sweet and then weird again.

We love you Autumn! You are the baby of the family and you know that means you can come to a number of people to get what you want, and we can’t even be mad at you for it because you’re perfect to us. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing and learning in preschool, you are SO SMART!!! 🙂

Also, today, you told me that hearts can be found behind nippies. Really? LOLOL!! You are so delightfully weird. Never change that <3
















Here’s 18 months…

And two…

AND… 2 1/2….


Three years old…



Three and a half:

And FOUR YEARS OLD! On a warm beach day in the middle of winter, LOL!


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