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No, there are not 28 hours in a week….maybe I shouldn’t have typed the title of the post that way, hahaha! We DROVE 28 hours in ONE WEEK this week. From Kitty Hawk to Annapolis, back home, and then from Kitty Hawk to Franklin to Cleveland/Statesville NC back to Franklin back to Kitty Hawk. Now…how do two tired parents of three tiny humans survive this?

Wait wait! I’m not done. Can I mention the severe stomach bug that started hitting us DURING one of the drives back? The one from Annapolis to Kitty Hawk? I spent the last 40 minutes of that drive with my face shoved against the setting of MAX COLD A/C blasting so I didn’t get sick in the car. I had to shock my body out of it, literally, and then wait until we got home. Then it started..one by one, we all fell apart and ended up washing a million loads of laundry. The next day there I am with an IV needing three bags of fluids. The day after that was when I packed up five people and 60 pieces of wedding equipment and headed with the girls to meet Mike in Franklin.

Now does that 28 hours sound harder? IT WAS! It was insane. You guys..this isn’t for the weak. It’d be one thing to just be raising kids going through that bug. It’d be one thing to NOT have kids and do the other two work obligations and have that bug. But having them and doing it all? Hard, hard, hard.

The reason I survived it was because of my little list and organization system. It was purely awesome that I got up in front of all of those creative women Tuesday and said you need SCHEDULING and you need ORDER, and lists within lists to get by…and then I pulled off such a huge and intense week because of just that! Without having those lists to fall back on, I would have been a mess! I can’t imagine after Wednesday’s family stomach bug trying to use what scrambled brains I had left to remember 60 things to pack for that wedding.

I also used a family packing list full of items we need to bring on trips for each girl and how much we need of what things, and it includes frequently forgotten items, too. What a load off, what pressure off to have those lists after going through such an ordeal.

I swear you can set yourself up for success by making a business manual for you to run things as smoothly as possible! What situations are you finding yourself frequently feeling overwhelmed and lost in that you could remedy with a little prepared list or item of organization to speed up the process a little better? Schedule a little extra office time to create some lists! 28 hours on the road in one week and this mama survived to tell the tale! Happy Monday friends!!! 🙂

I had way too much fun shooting with Mike at Amanda and Cody’s Arbor’s Events wedding on Friday!!!! This was our first OFFICIAL husband and wife team wedding together and we loved every second of it!! 🙂 Blog coming for this wedding SO SOON! 🙂 



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  1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for taking time to talk to all of us last week 🙂 so glad you are feeling better!!

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