3 Lessons from Taylor Swift LIVE | Salt + Sunshine Series

No I am FOR REAL writing this post right now hahaha! 30 years old, totally in love with T Swift and proud…because she is so amazing and stands for so much that I believe in..and there are so many business and life lessons we can take from this amazing entertainer!

I had the greatest time hanging with my mom photog pals Amanda and Erika, being able to relate to talking about our babies and how much we missed them and how the little things along the way reminded us of them! After getting home around 2am from my Eastern Shore wedding on Saturday, I got up at 6am Sunday, left by 8 something and headed up to Hampton Roads to jump in the car with the girls and take the 5 hour drive to Charlotte. Our hotel was the Hyatt right there basically attached to the Time Warner Arena, we were right next to a ton of restaurants and shops and everything was so convenient..I LOVE Charlotte’s cleanliness and charm! Nevermind the people smoking illegal things right across the street from cops..the rest of it was pretty nice, hahaha!

We KNEW we would be so excited and overwhelmed to see her live, but we DIDN’T expect to all three cry! Taylor’s stage presence is genuine, thankful and moving. She gives a look when the cheering starts like she can’t believe she’s there..and it makes you LOVE her that much more! Her energy ran from start to finish and there were no breaks, she just kept going and going and it reminded me of shooting a wedding day where things may slow down a little bit but you’re always GOING. Here are some lessons I took from this INCREDIBLE experience!

1. She creates community among her concert attendees. When you arrive, you get a white rubbery bracelet to wear..and when the music starts..all of us light up the same colors and it changes throughout the night! The entire area lit up totally PINK, totally BLUE..and it always fit the mood and it was so fun to be “connected” to 15,000 strangers all in the spirit of this person who mutually inspired us! Such a “small” but brilliant way to connect everyone who showed up there with completely different lives and stories to be united for a few hours as friends!

2. She insists on kindness and reminds us of what’s important. She told everyone there we had no reason to be anything but nice to one another because of what she values in life and what she’s been through along her life journey with experiencing criticism and of course being constantly scrutinized in the spotlight…but she didn’t make us feel like it happens any more to her because she’s famous..she made us ALL feel like we were on the same level. She reminded us life is hard enough as it is, so we may as well treat our neighbors as we would want to be treated as we ride the roller coaster of life together!

3. She made it PERSONAL. She reminded us all it was national “bff” day hahaha..and told us that we were ALL her friends that night, haha! Of course we were giddy and stoked and totally took it seriously but in all reality…she took time to speak between songs DIRECTLY to us. She spoke to the people who have had broken hearts. Who can’t find love, or who have lost love. She spoke to the ugly ducklings and the awkward-stage teenagers. The one that hit me the hardest was when she spoke to the imperfect people who have made mistakes and felt burdened by messing up in life, that we weren’t broken and were weren’t damaged goods. How beautiful it is that we are made STRONGER by our pain and our mistakes! And how life always gives you another chance. She spoke RIGHT to all of us! She also mentioned that just because you’re not where you want to be doesn’t mean you won’t EVER ever get there, something I always tell my mentoring girls! Someone probably told her (well, of course they did) that she wouldn’t make it. And she’d go nowhere. And here she is on a world tour breaking Madonna’s billboard records. I guess all you need is a couple good people to believe in you and support you along the way…and you can make some pretty amazing things happen 🙂


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