3 Things As Brand New Parents | Seaside Sessions VIDEO BLOG

I love sharing ANYthing with new parents that I think doesn’t get talked about or shared enough! As we were driving home from a wedding in Richmond this weekend, Mikey and I reflected on some things we were glad to know now but definitely didn’t for our FIRST born, Cammy, in 2011! We are sharing on the blog today a 7 minute video sharing those three top things we want new parents to know about…enjoy!

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  1. My little girlybug turns one this week and I love this advice. We are military and live far away from family so it was just me and my husband when Collie was born. I loved that it was just us with no distractions. My mom flew in the next day so we had a night to ourselves and she was on our only hospital visitor. I would definitely encourage new parents to spend time as a family and wait until you get home before having any visitors. I also agree to take time for yourself; it is SO HARD but so important, too. Thanks for sharing, mama!

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