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I don’t claim to be an expert on anything..but one thing I am getting very happily used to is shooting on the beach. I remember the first year in business thinking ahhh EVERYone wants to shoot on the beach! I want new locations! NO– I do not feel that way now. I embrace and admire those shoots because it’s our family’s favorite place and the place I always feel best, so working there is a beautiful added bonus!! I am always up for it..but for photographers, after experiencing all kinds of fun things..there are some things you should know! 🙂

1. YOUR CAMERA BAG….it’s gonna get sandy. There is no way around this..and in fact, EVERYthing will get sand in it, but a couple of ways to avoid how much sand gets in there? If you put your bag down and you have a shoulder strap hooked up to your bag (instead two short straps that carry the bag higher) — do NOT let your shoulder strap lay in the sand! If you do this, you will load sand into your lenses and bag! Instead, set the bag down and put the long shoulder strap inside! Paying attention to little things like this make a difference, but are hard to think about ahead of time while you’re busy chatting with your clients!

2. Carry a shootsac if you have one! Oh these are a savior on the beach! Instead of walking back and forth or having to drag a bigger bag around and set it down, it’s nice to have it close and tucked next to your body to avoid sand getting in while you’re transitioning and moving around with your clients!

3. Try to wear a dress or shorts..you will most likely end up in the water or close to it! Additionally? BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES to drive home in! I actually pack my pjs and change in the car before I come home because I always, always, always get in the water! There is such a beautiful perspective when I’m in the water shooting my clients in the water too, it looks more intimate! WATCH THE WAVES THOUGH and hold on to that camera for dear life!

4. Bring towels for your clients and yourself. Just have them in your car as a courtesy just in case! Bring chapstick too, if it’s windy. These are just little girly pieces of advice hahaha! Tie your hair back TOO! 🙂

5. Remember East Coasters…the sun sets on the BAY..not the beach. It gets darker on the beach faster, especially if you are closer toward the boardwalk where the buildings provide cool toned shade quickly about 45 minutes BEFORE sunset so you have to be prepared to shoot a little earlier if you will be closer to the busy part of the oceanfront. If you are closer to the 80 streets, you will have more light available to you, but if you are shooting on the BAY (Lynnhaven, Seashore State, First Landing, etc) — you will get every last drop of light there is to offer so you can shoot a little later 🙂 And get those pretty sunset images! <3

Hope this helps someone! XOOXOX

This was taken on the BAY at the Eastern Shore 🙂 Light sets right there..perfect!


Oceanfront about 30 minutes before sunset!


Oceanfront 20 minutes before sunset in the more open part of the beach


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  1. bdnewell says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of Ashley and Chris….and the dogs….at the beach! Going to be amazing!

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