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If you get a message in your DM’s or email more than once…MAKE IT A BLOG POST 🙂

So we’ve checked in before when Mike guest blogged about more money and less weight…but we’ve lost MORE since! And we are just feeling so so good and proud and honestly…MOSTLY…surprised.

We laugh so much when we get the messages that say “wait, Dave Ramsey has a weight loss program, too?” HAHA! You would think so, right? It just goes to actually show – and PROVE – how much eating out only once a week or getting carryout can add up. Mike and I can’t believe it still. And one of the most asked questions we get is “what are you guys doing to lose so much?” It’s EXTREMELY simple and broken down below for you.

But first – remember. You can’t just wish something to change. You have to act. You can’t buy a Dave Ramsey book and think your money will change. You can’t buy a book about anything and think something will change. You can’t hope your way into something…you HAVE TO ACT. You can’t pin 20 different exercises on your Pinterest board and think your body will change. No more excuses, friends! No more. I need to send out a little tough love because I hear so-many-excuses when it comes to these things…and there’s a difference between real obstacles that are preventing you from following through with something and just a lack of motivation and determination.

I show up. I wake up at 5-5:30 a.m. daily to get a head start on as much as I can. I use my Lifeflow lists. I use my Simplified Planner. I use my Powersheets. I read books, highlight and put things into action. I SHOW UP! Sometimes I get behind, sometimes I have to deeply fight to find the time to get it done (this week is crazy and I have a project I am desperate to get to and today I am FIGHTING for the time to do it!) – but you have to show up, plain and simple.

So here’s our exercise routine:

Mike barely ever goes to the gym (as of now) – maybe twice a month. No kidding.

I run a mile about 3-4 times a week and go to yoga a few times a month.

That’s it! 

No other exercises or routines. Right now, this is what I can handle and it’s working SO well for me. Running is an incredibly powerful way to work everything in your body and my stomach (even with stretched skin from 3 babies back to back) has even started to flatten and we can see my abs!! I REPEAT – THEY ARE STILL THERE, LOL!

I don’t love running. But guess what? I show up and I run. Without the daycare at the YMCA, this wouldn’t be possible, so I am very grateful for that. But I show up and I do it. And it hurts and I do it and I’m tired but I do it. Giving myself better health and feeling confident and in shape has been a long awaited blessing!

I think this “ask Siri” world is making so many people expect instant results… people are painfully impatient and it’s hurting them. If you follow Lara Casey you already know the goodness she shares about slow growth and being planted in the dirt and needing to cultivate things WELL, and this exercise is no exception. It took me a few months to see it but gosh when I started seeing it I was SO elated!

So what we used to do was: 

Spend whatever on groceries, usually throwing away a big percentage of what we bought because we didn’t make time to cook it/eat it
Pick up carryout once a week, pizza usually once a week
No meal prep – just making food as we went along
Run once a week (but mostly walked), yoga once every two weeks

And now we:

Grocery budget $550 or less for 5 people monthly
Carryout/restaurant budget of $40-50
Meal prep EVERY Sunday
Run 3-4 times a week
A little yoga
But you know Mike hardly works out so those two above are just me 🙂

And a random but important thing…occasionally I’ll have something else but I drink water like it’s my job. And coffee daily yes – but water like ALLLL the time. No soda. No sugary drinks. WATER WATER WATER.

Show up for yourself, make the changes. You can hope and wish and Pinterest pin all day, but it’s not going to make the change! When we signed up for Dave Ramsey, I took an entire day to explore our debt and create a budget. YOU CAN MAKE THE TIME!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Margie Strickland says:

    You and your family are so beautiful. You inspire me…. I am stuck – always thinking I’m going to get in shape – but I’m not taking the first step!

  2. Amy Clark says:

    Heck yes, girlfriend! Starting to run again has been a challenge, but I know it’s worth it. I made sure to check that the gym on base has a room for the kids so I can run there when my husband deploys in a months. I wanted to make sure I didn’t give myself an easy excuse. I hate running, but the pride I feel for showing up for myself and doing something good for me is so worth the sore legs.

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