8 Years Married | Life By The Sea

I love you Mike Hedgepeth. There is no one like you. I confidently tell anyone that they will love you when they meet you because your kindness and your words of affirmation distributing heart makes SURE to make others feel welcome, loved, not embarrassed and in good company. Watching you grow as a photographer alongside me for year two as a husband and wife team, watching you draw your incredible illustrations on your filled up sketchbooks at our kitchen counter…watching you become such a patient and loving father…all of of this is a gift.

Being in your life, living in a world of our own – this is a gift.

I am safe with you. Safety is not something I ever felt in a relationship before you. You protect my heart. We are equal and on the same level and the more I listen to other women complain about their husbands and ask me how I “get you on board” for things…the more I realize how HUGE of a blessing it is to have a husband I never have to beg anything of. Ever. I don’t say things like “my husband would never let me…” and “let me ask my husband if it’s okay…”. You have always been an equal partner with me and I am so grateful for that. I want to keep showing our daughters what an incredible marriage looks like where parents communicate, butt grab and never-stop-flirting. This is us. This is who we are and all of the bad advice I got before marriage told me it gets worse, it’s not fun, it’s “work”.

It’s not work. Marriage isn’t work. Not for us. We may have to work on some things in our relationship occasionally but marriage is vacation. Let’s keep repeating that phrase until those who think it’s constant work and sadness realize they’re not getting it right 🙂 I love you and I love us. HAPPY EIGHT YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 🙂


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