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I just have to say thank you to everyone I’ve EVER worked with. Every single person who took a chance on letting me capture a piece of their life. I haven’t always been the best technically, I look back at my old stuff and cringe but honestly we all start somewhere and grow grow grow. I’m still far from perfect and I never will be, but I pour my heart and soul into this business and my client’s experience.

Y’all, when you support a small business…you buy a little girl her first bike. I am so in tears right now thinking about how big she looked yesterday sitting on her FIRST tricycle with her little Dora helmet. I feel like I just had her. I was just yesterday dancing and shooting weddings while she kicked around in my belly. I am so grateful for everyone who lets me be a big part of their life and in return affects mine so greatly, not just by financially supporting us but by inspiring me to be a wonderful mother so that someday when I see her walk down the aisle, I’ll remember these good times and that I was busy working hard for us and treating these brides right like they deserve. I’ve been watching the way these mamas look at their little girls get in their dresses and I know that’s a part of my future.

Thank you all for EVERYTHING, but today, for giving a little girl her first bike.

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  1. Caty says:

    I’m bawling. I’m in my second year of business as a wedding photographer and was also pregnant when I started. My baby girl is the absolute sunshine of my life, and every shoot takes me closer to being the strong role model I long to be for her… But financially these couples allow me to be there for her firsts, to take her to a baseball game, and to watch her jump at the trampoline Park. Thanks for making this dual life seem possible to those of us that struggle.

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