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What if you had one spot in your home to place your desk and office belongings…and you were sharing that space with a six year old girl? One of the things we were recently asked was how we have a simple but cheerful and effective office space to work in…and the best way we can do that is showcase the space right here on the blog.

First things first – simplify. We absolutely highly recommend using our Home Simplifying List (click here) to go through the things you’ve kept but don’t need..because bottom line…you’re gonna need to utilize a small space and you can’t hold on to unnecessary items that are overflowing and make that work!

Second … Make sure that everything you own is something you ABSOLUTELY need and/or love. Don’t hold on to things that serve no purpose and aren’t tools for your life or business that need to be taking up any space!

Lastly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to own all the best and most expensive things. We invest where we feel most passionately and where it’s necessary, but some of the office items we have are super affordable and not brand name…and that’s okay!

We also have a closet to the right that includes the following items and is kept neat and as simple as possible:
*Two suitcases for photography equipment for weddings
*Extra supplies (printer paper, folders, staples, pens, etc) – BUT…simplified. None of this in an unreasonable amount of excess!
*Other photography equipment (batteries, chargers, lens caps, etc)
*Receipts for taxes
*Two other bags for photography (Shootsac and Kelly Moore)
*Other business equipment
*That’s IT! SO simple and easy!

Here’s a list of where we got the items in our office: 
Mermaid hook – Seagreen Gallery
Pink & yellow frames we think are from Organic Bloom but they were gifted so we’re not positive!
Gold circle votive holder & mirror – Homegoods
Small distressed aqua colored shelf – Deja New (Kitty Hawk)
Hanging oysters – Forbes Candies
Any baskets you see are from Homegoods
Rose gold file folder holder on white table – Amazon
File folder (rose gold) on wall – Amazon
Simplified Planner – Emily Ley
Powersheets – The Cultivate Shop
Rose gold picture frame – Amazon
Desk – Cottage Chic (Kitty Hawk)
Gold swivel lamp (Ralph Lauren) – Homegoods
Headphones & Happy Light on the yellow shelf – Amazon
Small coastal blue & tan top table in corner – Homegoods
To Do List in basket – The Daily Grace Co
A couple of the candles are from our fave, Outer Banks Candle Co
Desk chair – TJ Maxx
White bookshelf – Walmart
All books basically from Amazon!
Any copper wire baskets you see – Homegoods
Book ends from TJ Maxx
Pink outlet cover – Amazon
Pink flowers on bookshelf – TJ Maxx
Mint colored fan & salt lamp – Homegoods
Basket on bookshelf with candles – the bathroom section of Homegoods, lol! Seriously some GREAT baskets are actually in the bathroom section!



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