A Vacation Town Dilemma | Outer Banks

This is a short but sweet blog we have been meaning to write! WE LOVE living here, 200%. No complaints! I joke about the no Target or Olive Garden (cravings people, cravings) and Panera, etc but really…who gives a crap when you live in PARADISE?!?! WE LOVE it here, but we feel bad about one thing that’s been weighing on our mind!

We have SO many amazing, sweet and kind emails, texts and messages all summer with people coming to visit and wanting to get together! When I say a lot, I’m talking at least 4 a week and sometimes way more just because let’s face it…almost everyone vacations here at some point between May and September! During the summer I am at my BUSIEST and it’s unreal how busy and blessed this summer has been, but adding in pregnancy and two babies in the house has made it harder to commit to any non-work scheduled plans.

We wanted to extend our apologies for not being able to commit to seeing so many sweet visitors who made their way down here and wanted to see if we could get together…with being so booked, we really cherish our “scheduled” days off and even committing to something laid back like a visit is still another plan we have to prepare for! It’s so nice to have free family time and time open for me to work and answer emails on the rare days off we do have! This is also a GREAT piece of advice for business owning mamas I want to share, it’s OKAY to say no!! It took me a long time to get the guts to email back someone and say that I was sorry I couldn’t commit to seeing them but after reading the book that helped change my life, The Best Yes, I realized I was making healthier decisions I wouldn’t resent later in the name of people pleasing…and that’s putting myself and motherhood first!

If you are ever in the area and one of our friends we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you, just please give us more than a weeks notice…a couple months if you can and hopefully we can get together and enjoy the sunshine and sea together! 🙂


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  1. LOVE the honesty (as always, duhhhh)! Can’t worry about those beautiful girls without taking care of yourself first! Going to check out that book, too, myself! xoxoxo

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