Abaigh + Paul | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

Engagements scheduled in December– it’s always a scary thought to a photographer. Are we going to be FREEZING!? Are we going to be able to get through this together, and make it out alive? The answer is YES—– and it cured my engagement shoot dry spell I’ve been going through during the industry’s “off” season. I needed today and not only was it incredible weather with a little chill in the air– but the sun was shining and we were smiling, laughing, playing and flirting. Yep, me too..I was flirting, flirting with my clients as usual. Tellin’ em how pretty they are and how photogenic– cause it’s ALWAYS TRUE πŸ™‚

Abaigh & Paul are both teachers at my former high school and found me through one of my best friends, and I am SO GLAD THEY DID. We are MFEO (have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? It means made for each other— corny, whatever:)) and they are exactly who Ienjoy working with. They are really in love, really sweet, and braver than I am when it comes to nature. Ask my clients, I ask about 100 times “is that poison ivy?” and “do you think there are snakes in here?” but they were good to sit down and do anything for a good shot with the sunlight pouring all over the images and surrounding us and keeping us warm on this “winter” day πŸ™‚

Thank you two for being a JOY and for being tough with the slight chill, can not WAIT until your big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

SB9A5856 SB9A5863 SB9A5866 SB9A5867 SB9A5879 SB9A5886 SB9A5890 SB9A5892 SB9A5898 SB9A5905 SB9A5907 SB9A5909 SB9A5921 SB9A5947 SB9A5959 SB9A5996 SB9A5999 SB9A6014 SB9A6044 SB9A6053 SB9A6061 SB9A6070 SB9A6072 SB9A6092 SB9A6097 SB9A6098 SB9A6103 SB9A6107 SB9A6111 SB9A6113 SB9A6117 SB9A6121 SB9A6127 SB9A6128 SB9A6131 SB9A6138 SB9A6148 SB9A6166 SB9A6171 SB9A6182 SB9A6184 SB9A6193 SB9A6203 SB9A6209 SB9A6228 SB9A6242 SB9A6248

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  1. Keely Julson says:

    Beautiful pictures Amanda!

  2. every forehead kiss, every sunflare, the moss hanging, the RING and all of the shots of them sitting on the log…. love your work.

  3. MeganOBX says:

    Wow!!! I love every single one of these!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You are the sun flare queen!!! LOVE

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