Acceptance Is Step One | Chronic Fatigue

Last week, I shared my story here > How I Ended Up With Chronic Fatigue | ME/CFS about how I ended up with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. So if you watched, you know that I literally fought it for years. I was in DEEP denial and I just didn’t want it to be true. But last Fall, I started to get really down on myself and was wondering if there was a way I could EVER be a productive, involved, AWAKE human again, LOL. One of the best decisions I made first and foremost (alongside my therapist) was this: it’s time accept it and stop fighting it. Fighting isn’t going to make it disappear or magically heal me. We decided, together, to work through the process of making chronic fatigue my “bestie” or coworker, and regardless of whether or not I wanted her there – she was going to be showing up wherever I did and I had to get used to it 🙂

Some of you with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have already moved through this process of acceptance… and if you have, I am SO proud of you. I just didn’t want to have a condition that slowed me down so badly that my denial lasted a lot longer than it needed to. This denial kept me in an unhealthy mode of pushing myself very hard all the time but in return… I was LESS PRODUCTIVE because I wouldn’t be taking breaks accordingly and my mental state was very cloudy and confused due to the fatigue. Pushing myself made me slow down way worse. So, when I started to listen to my body and stopped working past a certain time of day (I am kind of worthless past mid to late afternoon, LOL) I started to notice a big difference in my mood AND in my productivity levels. When I shut off work at a certain time and chilled out – I was restored and ready to get back to work when it was time again and I was actually able to concentrate again! A MIRACLE, LOL!

If you are a go-getter who is a little broken and bitter than chronic fatigue has become a part of your life, the best first step you can take is toward acceptance. Being mad and being sad won’t fix it or make it better. I know this because I was deeply both of those for a LONG time and it never made it better, it never made it go away. There are ways to make life with CFS a little better and more tolerable, sure, but there is no cure. We can’t hustle our way out of this one. The best thing you can do is say, alright.. I’ve got this physical and mental aspect of my life that is definitely going to slow me down compared to previous me – but I can make a new path of productivity that works WITH this condition instead of against it.

Acceptance. Simply acknowledging that is a real thing you have to live with and that you will not break because of it. Millions of people are currently living with this and although it varies in severity, acceptance is necessary for anyone who experiences it… even if it’s super mild. For you acceptance might just be your mentally acknowledging it… or maybe you need to say this out loud to a friend or family member to make it real. Whatever the process of acceptance looks like to you – go do that and let’s move FORWARD together after that!

VERY important note from my personal opinion… accepting this doesn’t mean you have to move into permanent victim mode. I definitely had some strong moments of why me and I cried and was so resentful but I never, ever want to make a home in that kind of a feeling. If I tell myself I’m a victim, I know me.. and I’ll feel sorry for myself and all chances of moving forward with inspiration and momentum will stop and I don’t want that. It’s not a healthy mindset for me, or anyone. It’s OKAY to be sad, but just try not to make a home there. We can live a BEAUTIFUL life, still, alongside this annoying and sometimes debilitating condition.

So, will you accept it? I REALLY hope you’ll consider it! Because once you do, there is work to be done and you don’t have to go down this road alone. We get to walk it together but let’s just not walk too fast because I will get tired easily.. both from chronic fatigue and with my very short legs because I am 4’11” hahaha 🙂

After you accept it… you’ll need to make some life changes but we will talk about that in an upcoming blog post next week. The step we take post-acceptance is going to be a HUGE game changer and I hope you’re ready for it!

In the mean time, I would love to see you pick up the book Essentialism and either dive in or plan to later on. This was hands down one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read and you can apply SO much of this to your life with chronic fatigue.


The picture below was taken by my dad while he was visiting around the holidays.. it was early afternoon and I was already WIPED OUT from whatever we all did during the morning. I passed right out in the recliner, and those of you with CFS know this kind of tired. Unavoidable, must-sleep-now exhausted and it’s barely lunch time. Luckily, all three of my girls are so understanding about this and take such good care of me in these moments 🙂

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