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It’s no secret that this is my favorite business/life tool EVER. After years of using planners that didn’t bring me joy or were crowded up with designs and quotes and all the things – this simple, clean and high quality planner has been a GEM. I value it, I use it daily and I have a wonderful groove going on with it! I am SO excited to share my favorite accessories to use with the planner in this post INCLUDING the links!

I should have pluralized above because I’m now working with two planners – with the girls all being in school, ballet and cheering – I needed to host their to-do’s in a separate space (a weekly academic edition) so that my personal planner (a daily yearly edition) has ENOUGH space for me and my three businesses! I am SO glad I decided to keep it all separate this year! 🙂

FYI!!! The 2020 Simplified Planners launch ONE WEEK FROM TODAY ON SEPTEMBER 4TH!!! Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook page and we’ll have the links ready to go for you at 10 A.M. EASTERN! 🙂


Hands down, the BEST pens I have ever written with in these planners are the Pilot Precise V5 and the Pilot Precise Retractable V7 (a new favorite!) – they are THE BEST! I typically write in black so I can color code other things using stickers, highlighters, etc. I have two highlighters I can’t pick between because both are great for different reasons but the pretty pastel and light Pilot Frixion are pretty amazing! For something smooth and bright and a little bolder, the BIC highlighters are wonderful. And then as usual – there is the Papermate Flair collection, I can never get enough of those! Sometimes I use these for my planner, but mostly use them in my Powersheets and when I’m writing notes in notebooks. All links available for you below:

Pilot Precise V5
Pilot Precise Retractable V7
Pilot Frixion Highlighters
BIC Pink Highlighters
BIC Blue Highlighters
Papermate Flair Standard Colors Pack
Papermate Flair CANDY POP Pack

BOOKMARKS AND PAPERCLIPS: So it totally depends on your preference of how you want to mark your pages, but I LOVE using either a magnetic bookmark from Simplified OR a Pineapple paperclip! I love the Pineapple one because the top sticks up and it’s easier to get to my marked page! Click HERE, hover over “SHOP” and head to “PLANNER ACCESSORIES”!

Other smaller magnetic bookmarks I love that are wonderful and won’t cover what you’ve written in your planner like some of these bigger ones will do on the top lines are from Amazon and can be found HERE!


STRETCHY BANDS: I was SO EXCITED when these came out! LADIES – if you bring your planner on the go or work outside of your house and want to take your planner with you in your purse, THESE ARE A MUST! They will absolutely keep it closed and safe. You can throw in receipts, papers, mail, etc and they won’t fall out. You get TWO per pack, so you have a backup which is awesome, and make sure you choose the correct one to correspond with whatever planner you get, as they come in weekly AND daily sized to properly fit. Click HERE, hover over “SHOP” and head to “PLANNER ACCESSORIES”!


COLOR CODING STICKERS + LABELS: I know this isn’t for everyone, but having a VISUAL that includes simplified color coding helps me to adjust to whatever my schedule is that day/week. For me, this isn’t about perfection, it’s about understanding my schedule on a deeper level. If I have a TON of blue color coding dot stickers, I know I may be going too heavy on my workload and need to consider moving some of that to another day. This helps me to not “over-do” it. If I see a lot of pink in a day, I know that the girls will most likely be really busy and on the move and I know we need to be prepared for that. We use the flags to mark special occasions on daily pages AND the monthly spread (which only serves as a bird’s eye view, my Google Calendar holds more details like mentioned in this blog post about using a digital calendar AND planner together!). The labels are great if you want to create a specific categories on your to do list section or in the notes section and you want to label it! Click HERE, hover over “SHOP” and head to “PLANNER ACCESSORIES”!

WASHI TAPE: Something else I LOVE that’s not pictured is washi tape! If I have to block a couple of hours at a time, I’ll use washi tape so I have a visual of that time window. I have a couple of links for this!:

From Simplified: Click HERE, hover over “SHOP” and head to “PLANNER ACCESSORIES”!
From Amazon: Washi tape

Other items I love that come in handy…

WITE-OUT TAPE: Click here to find on Amazon

STICKY NOTES: These are SMALL and fit well into the NOTES section of the daily so well!

THANK YOU FOR READING! 🙂 Enjoy your Simplified Planner!


Hi pal! I’m an Outer Banks photographer, mom of three little mermaids, wife to my absolute best friend, founder of Homeless Looks Like (501c3 nonprofit) and I also run Outer Banks oils! I’m a Type One (Ennegram) and I make time for what matters most while soaking up all the salt air with my family. Thank you for stopping by the blog! 🙂 




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