Advice For Fighting With Your Mommy | Cammy Video Series

Okay so this is mostly ME talking because she wanted to sit in my lap and make faces at the camera — HAHA, but I love what she says at the end about Ellie! I love that these videos you can’t edit and can’t prep her to say anything because kids will be kids and there’s no coaching that. This was last month when we had been really at it and needed to step back, talk about what to do to change things and we’ve been doing so so good ever since! Is this epic advice? NO. It’s super general. It’s mostly things that never worked for us before BUT when I blogged this with her, she remembered the action of recording and discussing this stuff in the video blog and now she actually WILL do what we talked about in here! Who knew! 🙂 Sometimes it helps to hear from another kid, too, so if you have a little one you’re fighting with — tell them to listen to Cammy on here! 🙂 Happy Wednesday! XOOXOX



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