Alex + Christie | Virginia Beach Engagements

These two have been together for a long time, yet they look to me like a couple who is totally in that “we just started dating” giddy stage and ohhhhh I was loving every minute of it! They are also officially one of my couples to add to the list this year of rain reschedules, they put up with us tip-toeing around the forecast for a week or two before finally finding a day to squeeze! Thank you two for your patience, we got the perfect day!!

I kept them SO long at Panera when we first met and I definitely brought them Diet Cokes to apologize for choosing a place to meet that served Pepsi products 🙂 I loved them from the start and was so happy to see that Christie was a fun sized blonde like myself, so I knew she’d be a hoot and totally easy to work with! Her smile is terribly contagious and Alex quickly became the man/fiance/client of my dreams because he has no problem flirting with his little lady. That is my JOY right there– a couple who plays. I’ve been getting TONS of them this year and I am so so so unbelievably grateful! I think I am marketing well for my type!!!! 🙂

Enjoy their beautiful engagements with a hint of beach, sunshine and because Alex played baseball in college (you’ll be able to tell by those guns!) — we incorporated a little baseball in there 🙂

2013-10-21_0008 beach-baseball-engagement-3 beach-baseball-engagement-4 beach-baseball-engagement-5 beach-baseball-engagement-6 Beautiful light here 🙂beach-baseball-engagement-7 beach-baseball-engagement-8 beach-baseball-engagement-9 beach-baseball-engagement-102013-10-21_0009 2013-10-21_0010 beach-baseball-engagement-16 beach-baseball-engagement-17That ring…I think he did VERY well! 🙂beach-baseball-engagement-13 beach-baseball-engagement-18 beach-baseball-engagement-19 beach-baseball-engagement-20 beach-baseball-engagement-21 beach-baseball-engagement-22 beach-baseball-engagement-23 beach-baseball-engagement-24 beach-baseball-engagement-25 beach-baseball-engagement-26 beach-baseball-engagement-27 Christie looks so adorable and petite bending into this smooch! beach-baseball-engagement-28 beach-baseball-engagement-29Okay this is SO them, Alex shaking his head and Christie laughing her head off– I LOVE IT 🙂2013-10-21_0011 beach-baseball-engagement-32 beach-baseball-engagement-33 beach-baseball-engagement-34 beach-baseball-engagement-35SERIOUS BLING, look at the cut of that diamond!!! beach-baseball-engagement-36 beach-baseball-engagement-37 beach-baseball-engagement-38beach-baseball-engagement-39 beach-baseball-engagement-42Best-faces-ever…rivals in love!2013-10-21_0012 beach-baseball-engagement-43

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  1. *Snork snork* looks like this engagement session was a real homerun!!

    *drops mic and walks out*

    *crickets chirp*

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