Alex + John | Kitty Hawk Couples Session

I think one of my favorite inquiries to get is a couple who just wants pictures. They’re either dating, or they’re they’re not engagement pictures…they’re just couples pictures! I think it’s SO beautiful to celebrate your love and relationship by documenting who you are and what you look like together in this stage of life! I know it’s been said a lot about our parents generation that they don’t want pictures of themselves once the kids are born…like, most of them don’t EVER get in to pictures anymore. They just snap them OR have pictures done of their kids! But guys…your kids and loved ones want to see you grow over the years too, past the childhood stage. Documenting yourself is so deserved and to me, it’s important!

Alex and John’s original date was one that had a lot of Outer Banks photographers freaking out….radar and forecast looked fine, but black clouds were DEFINITELY coming in. And then? Some of the worst storms I’ve seen in a long time! We’ve been waiting for a “summer show” like that for a while but not on their session date!!! SO — a couple days later, we pulled up to our location and I freaked out when I pulled up beside these two. Guys, come on while we have the sun! It’s so pretty right now! And these two..these poor two people, I had them rush to the beach and shot in a panic, haha! I know how much Alex REALLY loved glow and sun and that meant a lot to me to get that to her if it was possible so we did it! I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me work with you while you were on vacation!!!! 🙂 You’re adorable together, and I’m so lucky! XOXO

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