All The Last Firsts | New Mom Series

I have to admit although we are doing great lately, feeling really well adjusted (except the usual colds, allergies, etc going on) — I am slightly having a hard time with something.

Every time a milestone is reached with Autumn, I’m so so so proud, and then I just burst into tears. She’s grabbing things and pulling them to her mouth to chew on them on her own, I cry. She just had bites of rice cereal last night for the first time, I cry. She rolled over all the way the other day, I cry. I just cry cry cry all the time and I seriously know I’m a big baby as it is but come on, crying over rice cereal?

Motherhood does this to you. Every time they achieve or thrive, you feel overwhelmed with pride and with emotion because it takes them a step further away from physically needing you as much and as mothers, we take that sometimes to mean they emotionally need us less, but I have to stop telling myself that and believing that. Amanda..just because she rolled over onto her stomach doesn’t mean she’s moving out tomorrow only to call me once every three months and start her own life and family, lol. I repeat, they do not need you less because of their accomplishments, in fact, they need you MORE to cheer them along and support them! But my hormones are making me slightly overwhelmed knowing this is our last baby and all of these baby step firsts are the last ones we will ever have with our daughters so it kind of gets to me some days!

If you’re one of those extremely sentimental mothers who wonders if you’re the only one crying over rice are not alone! I KNOW that I’m not and that’s why I know it’s not completely crazy to admit this on the blog today. I’ve watched three babies now go from 6-7 lbs to chirping and talking and thriving so independently and it’s just this complete and utter bittersweet process. I am SO proud to be your mama little girls!!! Autumn, I know you’re in a rush to stack up to your sisters and run wild with the big girls but feel free to take it at an average pace, be my baby just a litttttle longer 🙂

Mamas…remember a couple of things:

-If they are rushing to achieve and do things early, they are smart little cookies and just want to grow up faster to be on the same page as everyone they see around them! It means they’re nurtured, they’re little tiny baby goal oriented, and it means you’re doing WONDERFULLY
-If they are taking their sweet time, they’re laid back and just going with the flow..and staying a “baby” baby longer..that’s good, too! Totally my husband’s personality, haha, not really rushing anything at all
-Different babies go at different paces and it’s OKAY! Seriously! Some things Ellie excels in Cammy was slow to approach and vice versa!
-You are not the only one crying over rice cereal. Maybe Mike will do a SnapChat or video of me having one of my mom episodes some time and we can cry together, lol!


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  1. ash10k says:

    I love this so much! Partly because I just adore you, but also because it makes me so excited for this phase of my life.. which I hope is rapidly approaching. Thank you for always sharing your heart with us and inspiring us to be better women. <3

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