All The Wonderful Weddings of 2016! | Amanda Hedgepeth Photography

Summing it up — I have this feeling in my heart that’s hard to bring to life with words. Okay…best description I can come up with…it’s this warm, nostalgic feeling of the year that I traveled my heart out, adventuring from hotel to hotel and venue to venue with my husband, my BEST friend…shooting weddings for these couples that we deeply appreciated and admired. We knew things about this couples that were intensely personal and we were let into their lives in more ways than just documenting this day for them. We knew their hearts, their stories, and I can’t hide from you right now that in this moment I have tears welling up in my eyes, goosebumps on for some reason only my right arm and I am telling you that this year was SO inspiring to me in so many ways.

It’s the year that I was challenged by being a mom of three very young daughters and was insanely challenged as a business owner. I mean…I fell apart at times, I really did! But when we showed up to shoot, we were all over that. We love our girls, we do…but getting time to work was like a vacation for us, it was so much easier for me to shoot really tiring and wild wedding days versus be home with these crazy mermaids all day haha!

Our couples are smart, they bust their butts and work hard and they all have really, really amazing stories. OH! And their families are awesome. I hugged a lot of moms this year to the point of tearing up and saying “Mike can we take her home with us?” haha! And the bridesmaids, they were hilarious..and they were so nice to me. The groomsmen pal’d it up with Mike and of course, the stars of the show…the brides and grooms…well every single one of them inspired me. At the end of night, Mike and I would plop down on the hotel bed (AND YOU KNOW THERE WAS TACO BELL:)) and we would watch SNL or some Law and Order rerun and just say gosh, we are lucky. We mean it. You guys made a super hard year GLORIOUS for us because of your light you gave to us, a light you have just because you love one another. Isn’t that what this entire crazy life ride is all about? Finding someone to love the heck out of you, and you guys did it.

Thank you for the true honor and privilege of being your wedding photographers! We can’t wait to keep watching your marriages grow and blossom and see all of the blessings life will bring to you! 🙂





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