Amanda + Chris | Smithfield Windsor Castle Engagements

I think when I posted my Facebook check in that I couldn’t believe I haven’t shot here before..people just about fell out, haha! How could I have NEVER shot out here? I mean the answer’s one has asked me to! Even though it’s the PERFECT rustic and Southern location with the barns and scenery, no one had asked me and I’m SO glad someone finally did! I LOVED this location more than anything and can’t wait to go back again — I think it’d be a killer spot for bridals!

Amanda and Chris are so cute together, you’ll see it in the images but I just wanted to additionally state that hahaha! Talk about teasing one another, they were definitely in flirt mode during this session and of course I love it– more candid faces and moments to catch for me!! Amanda contacted me last YEAR about shooting their wedding and I hated waiting to book but it’s not until October 2014 so she stayed awesome and faithful to her booking request and DID book me when the time came!!!!!! I was so honored too because I adore her and I DEFINITELY wanted to shoot this wedding!!!!! 🙂 Everything about them is down to earth, sweet, Southern and the wedding is going to be one incredible event. Thank you two for honoring me by letting me be the one to capture your day!

Thank you to Behind The Veil for taking care of Amanda’s hair and makeup! She wanted something modern but natural and as usual, they hit it spot on! I love their work! Enjoy their images! SO fun! 🙂

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  1. Amanda says:


    I love them!!!! I do not know how much I can thank you!!!!

    I seriously cannot wait for the wedding!!!

  2. EliSabeth says:

    You’re sooooooooooooo amazing! Youre right – looks like a beautiful place for Bridals! Hmmm…hehe 😉 Great job once again, Amanda!!!! So beautiful and they seem very happy!!!

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