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The drive home took about three hours, give or take all of the stops we had to make for bathroom breaks, food breaks, vacationer technical problem breaks. My heart felt fulfilled and broken at the same time because our Richmond, Virginia family had gotten our annual stay on the perfect, salty aired, life changing Outer Banks of North Carolina. When we came home, we had our memories..but we also had a couple of shirts from places we visited and ate at, some locally made souvenirs and the memory of how well the small businesses connected with us and treated us. It was the only way to bring home our little piece of the Outer Banks. The only place I ever felt really home.

When we moved here two years ago, I pray for some clarity. The first thing I realized is that the Lord was trying to tell me Amanda, do you see what I’ve given you? Alright..time to reconnect with me! So, I did that. YAY!! Life is good, I’m on the right track, we’re enjoying our time here. But, the one thing I kept asking God was okay..I know you brought me here to find you, but isn’t there something else I can do to give back to this place? This place that changed my life. Where we can see the stars so clearly some nights, where our family learned what life and love is all about and where we all started to really breathe again. The one thing I kept coming back to was the memory of the small businesses that affected me so much growing up, how as much as I missed the sunshine and the sea and the long hot beach days, it was the people who made us feel so welcome. They truly impacted me starting at a very young age.


We are so so excited to launch this today after working on the website, a couple of shoots and we STILL have some shoots in the works for this but wanted to take this opportunity to put it out there as soon as possible! We are absolutely still wedding photographers and shooting portraits, mentoring, speaking, traveling, etc…but our hearts want to invest more time in shooting for SMALL BUSINESSES in the OUTER BANKS! We would also love to travel to Elizabeth City and other nearby cities but we will be focusing mainly on the Outer Banks. Quality images make SUCH a difference in pulling clients/customers/vacationers in and because social media and websites are such a big deal nowadays, it’s important to showcase your product or service in the BEST light possible, with a really pretty image! Visit our website via the link below for more information and please, if you’re in need or know someone in need of updated headshots, product images, service/environment images, etc…let us know, we would LOVE to serve you well!!!! 🙂

Amanda Hedgepeth for Small Businesses


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  1. bmariephoto says:

    Congrats on this new venture!! I am always so inspired by your positive spirit & heart to serve others. I know so many people are going to be blessed through you!!

    1. Best comment ever!! THANK YOU! I am really excited about this, we love shooting sessions and weddings but this has been so fun and different and such a great way to get to know local businesses and give them SUCH a pretty set of images to show how awesome they are!! THANK YOU! 🙂

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