Amanda + Joe | Nags Head Couples Session

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when we had an insane Nor’easter here!? Like– sideways wind, rain, mist…it got SCARY! But the couple I had come down for a shoot on the first day it got bad, they just made it look WAY better than it actually did out there because they braved the weather regardless and we made it happen!!! Amanda and Joe are a couple I have been SO lucky to know for almost the past year because last year they made it to our first Outer Banks workshop last December! I was so honored to have such a dynamic team here and be able to shoot this for them, it was another great excuse to get together and enjoy their company!

I don’t know how they made it look the way it did, maybe it’s because they’re that kind of laid back couple…but I’m lucky. I’m grateful, and I’m SO excited to share their images in literally one of the craziest weather sessions I’ve ever experienced in five years..can’t believe we survived it hahaha! 🙂

Makeup by Dhalia Edwards! 🙂


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