Amanda + Matt | Kitty Hawk Engagements

When I came up with the word cheerful to describe my brand, my clients, the way felt photographing clients…it was because of couples just like Amanda and Matt. The contagious cheer in this session is what I live for, it’s what pushes my creativity and boundaries and makes me want to be a better, well, everything! Not just business owner but wife, too! When I go home and hug Mike after a session like this, it reminds me of how we started and how important it is to remember that incredible spark it all began with!

Amanda laughs at Matt all of the time, and that sounds bad the way I worded it…but you’ll SEE what I mean! Matt is so hilarious, and I will never ever forget that he said his friends call him that “smirk” emoji because of his awesome expression! I LOVE that emoji now when I see it ahahha! Amanda and Matt are getting married this Fall and it’s such an incredible honor to be a part of their day because she and I grew up in Glen Allen together and have known each other almost our entire lives! Anyone who knows her will attest to this…she is TRULY one of the kindest and most joyful people to be around that you can ever imagine. I felt so at home just being in her presence and I am so thankful you two came to the Outer Banks to hang with me!

Mike and I can’t WAIT to see you again in September!!!!!!! 🙂

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