Amanda, Nick + Sophia | Richmond Gender Reveal & Family

My favorite thing….repeat clients <3

A couple months ago I posted on my business page that I wasn’t able to take on new clients for family sessions because I wasn’t able to fit them in NOR is that my focused area of photography. I am primarily a wedding photographer. Immediately when I posted this, I had people who were my previous family clients asking if I was still able to work with them and the answer is YES! Of course! I love doing it, and as long as I’m not completely swamped, I will try my best to keep taking them! I am so honored when a family decides to book with me again and stay with Amanda Hedgepeth Photography. They KNOW I promise 40 images but will give them ALL of them that come out..even if it’s 100. They KNOW I will make time to shoot if I’m still shooting families. They know I will love every second of it and do my best to give them what they’re looking for. I am lucky to have Amanda, Nick and Sophia in my life and NOW…another little one on the way!

But which is it..boy or girl? Find out if Sophia’s having a little brother or a little sister by scrolling below πŸ™‚ ENJOY!

SB9A1483 SB9A1490 SB9A1500 SB9A1515 SB9A1525 SB9A1544 SB9A1547 SB9A1557 SB9A1561 SB9A1574 SB9A1583 SB9A1586 SB9A1595 SB9A1598 SB9A1602 SB9A1610 SB9A1638 SB9A1643 SB9A1647 SB9A1648 SB9A1659 SB9A1660 SB9A1661 SB9A1671 SB9A1706 SB9A1712 SB9A1716 SB9A1718 SB9A1720 SB9A1722 SB9A1726 SB9A1731 SB9A1734 SB9A1745 SB9A1746 SB9A1752 SB9A1757 SB9A1758 SB9A1761 SB9A1764 SB9A1768 SB9A1779 SB9A1792 SB9A1797 SB9A1801 SB9A1805 SB9A1807 SB9A1815 SB9A1816

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  1. MeganOBX says:

    LOVE the last shot!! What a great gender reveal!! Such a unique idea!! <3 I love it!! When I have a family, you'll be my photographer again πŸ™‚

  2. Love Love Love this photoshoot!! I love the last picture also and if I ever were to own my own bakery I would want it to hang in the store!! All of the pictures really came out super cute this time.

    1. Actually I change my mind I love the last 3 photos!!

      1. thank you Kelly!!!!! <3 <3 XOXOOX

  3. Elisabeth says:

    YoU, my dear, rock my socks off! Another amazing job well done! Keep up the great work, girlfrien!! <3

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