Amber | Southampton County Bridal Photographer

Okay, so when it rained in January during their engagements…I didn’t think we could possibly get that kind of luck for the next shoot, which were Amber’s bridals. Not only did it RAIN, it poured down so intensely I had to pull over off of Main Street in Franklin because I couldn’t see ANYTHING! I called my husband, Mr. Mike Hedgepeth himself and started panicking…Franklin floods! I’m going to be stuck! It always floods here!

That was one time, Amanda. It’s not going to flood.
Oh okay, good! Well- how I am going to shoot these bridals? Amber is only in town this weekend!

Right when I got to the location, it started clearing up, and we were able to get these beautiful shots of Amber wearing the original material of her grandmother’s wedding dress. One of the first things she mentioned to me was that her dress matched my branding!!!! SO TRUE! I LOVE the antique, lace and pearl look. So good & Southern & girly! Now that they’re officially husband and wife, I can share these! 🙂


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