Amy + Pete | Colonial Williamsburg Engagements

I LOVE this pair. They laugh when they’re together like it’s no one’s business. There was so much flirting and smiling going on I felt like I wanted to go home and flirt with my husband, haha! How inspiring it is to be around couples who are so naturally perfect together like Amy and Pete are. They live in Florida right now so we made time around the holidays to squeeze in their engagements while they were in town and I am so glad we did and that the weather worked out perfectly! I needed to get out and shoot a session after some cabin fever the past couple of weeks! Not to mention, it was good for my big pregnant self to walk around and get some exercise 🙂

We walked around Colonial Williamsburg where it was surprisingly crowded but we always ended up in the best spots at the best time. There were so many MOMENTS during their session where real smiles and laughs were happening that I felt so overjoyed to be a part of their life and relationship. I’m sure on separate levels they have a wonderful sense of humor but together it’s dynamite. I was laughing so hard, too all while trying to catch my breath and waddle along…I LOVED it! We braved a little cold and it became a little overcast, but photographers kinda like that 🙂 Thank you two for being a wonderful duo and I can not WAIT until your July wedding! I am so lucky to know you! 🙂

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