Angie + Shaun | Sandbridge Maternity

Few things speak to me as naturally and beautifully as a woman carrying a child. My heart sings even louder when there’s one of those women in front of my camera..I fight the urge to shout all of the amazing things they’re about to experience but I know for an absolute fact that nothing I say can prepare them for how incredible it really is. The moment you first see them, it will never leave your bones– that feeling that is constructed unlike any other and you will never forget it and most likely never feel like that ever again..unless you have another. When you’re the most angry at them and they’re being a wild toddler, that feeling will be remembered. I’m sure – clearly without experience because mine are so little – that when they are old and gray and I’m even older and grayer, I will remember the moment I first saw them. It becomes a part of you, one of the top highlights on your life video reel.

Angie and Shaun, parenthood radiates from both of your glows. You’re so ready for this boy and he will be a beautiful representation of your exhilarating love story! I am honored that someone like you, Angie– with such talent and who can go to anyone you want for portraits..asked me. I am not deserving but I sure am grateful for the opportunity! Thank you for being a part of my life, my business story, and for giving me your friendship. Mike is so in love with you..did I ever tell you that?! He just loves how much joy being around you brings me and he always talks about how much of an asset you are to the industry. He couldn’t be more right..and now you’re about to own the motherhood thing like a champ. Thank you SO much!!! 🙂

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