Anna + Chris | Kill Devil Hills Maternity

I’m pretty sure that it was an easy out to blame crying all the time on my pregnant hormones last year, but when I started tearing up at Chris and Anna’s maternity shoot here in the Outer Banks recently, I had no excuse 🙂 The truth is, growing with a client that becomes a friend is such a joy and honor that all of a sudden, standing on the beach this day with these two amazing people and looking at them laughing…really laughing and being the love birds they are (with ample butt grabs occurring just like I prefer for my sessions hahahaha) just took over me. I shot their engagements, her bridals, their sunny Signature at West Neck wedding. I shot more for them afterward and I’ve watched them grow as a couple and now as a family of three. I cried! I couldn’t help it. They are the kind of people who’s company and quality time I would kill for more of because they’re easy and fun to talk to and they’re just flat out kind people, always have been.

This is an honor. There are not many times I would be able to slip a session in during my own maternity leave but there was no question that I had to make this happen for these people that mean SO much to me! Chris is such a good man and takes such good care of Anna and her loving and selfless heart deserves this!!! They are going to be the most wonderful parents! LOVED their session!!! 🙂

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